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A girl and her panda
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Neoflox A girl and her panda
FirstBorn 2010-02-08 10:14:57 Great drawing! The girl looks like a better version of Android 18 from Dragon Ball Z. Hope to see more of your work soon!
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pleez leave comment and let me know what you think.
this is lalina my origi. character. she is the moon. i didn't finish yet.
Sumilidon, again made by my brother.......
Just a man
Zydrate Robber
i will use that as my sign
A picture of my boyfriend Ryan and I, I made him a bull, he just reminds me of one. X3~ This came out great on the first inital sketch, it must be fate. ~ XD haha! Tabikat and Ryan are copyrighted 2006 Tabitha "Tabikat" Vocque
Ah. <3 Finally, I get out of my sketch phase and produce something I somewhat like. YGO fanart; Thief King Bakura. He seems to have gotten a haircut. ... this started out as a sketch of some random angel, but the robe looked so much like Bakura's so I had to make it him, even if the hair was... off. :x Prismacolor pencils. Surprisingly, this only took me a few hours. Less than most of my work.
Yoo^^  i'v made this one at school today I hope you like this one^^
... ...
Well, I tried my hand at making pixel art of the living legend of Yoshi from Super Mario World?
The cover for the first chapter of our Manga called Last Shadow.
this is my last work
comment in forum pls
So, I decided the other version of this wasn't finished after all lol.  Been a while since I've revisited the smudging technique; I've missed it  : )
I was reading Shaman King and Pyron(Lee Bailong) inspired me to draw an actionsketch. It was nice to draw something other then my own style ^^
pencil no jutsu