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Done for my friend... His dream is to be a rock star :)
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Wandering_Musician Done for my friend... His dream is to be a rock star :)
Zeph 2010-01-08 11:53:09 im sure he'll love it. just one thing, his hand around the microphone seems a tad too small...
Wandering_Musician 2010-01-08 23:00:15 yeah... I noticed that in the middle of will forever bother me :( but thanks for the comment
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Random art
I'm working on a manga together with a friend, although I might've said that before >.>

Comments / critiques are, of course, welcome!
this is my brother
i havent uploaded anything in a while... nor had anything to upload :(
He's the "Krieg Engel", I know kried means war and engel means angel, but I don't know if the construction is right. Anyway, I hope you like the picture.
really wasn't sure about the rating, so I just leaned on the safe side and went ahead and rated it.  Role-playing characters.  The one in jeans is Evan, which you guys might've caught me doodling before.  The other is a friend's character.  Not sure if you want to hear the details or not xD;  lol.
VALENTINE CONTEST: Inuyasha and Kagome finally profess their love for one another, in the form of a Valentine's Day teddy-bear.
My idea. Sketched out traditionally  Lined/colored with photoshop. Roughly 8 consecutive hours of work. e.e I'm SO glad I got to finish it. I'm really proud of how it turned out. :)
Ink Wash; about 2 hours.
This is a strip again in dutch a strip about myself haha
My favorite band... Do you know them?
Well, he is a catboy, just in the anthro sense. Yes, I do anthro, does that scare any of you? It's still mangaish because one of my mangas IS anthro based. Anyways, a pic for my friend Andrew Dickman, the way I see him, he's a sweet guy, love ya Andy-chan, work harder! XD

Hand-drawn, hand-inked, colored in PSCS with wacom tablet. Took maybe 2-3 hours tops, the snowgirl is crap but I like humor.

I really liked this one... Untill I inked it. TT__TT Then I realised all the things that required improvment, and I couldn't fix 'em. ;___;
Finally finished it, took me over 6 hours!!! C&C welcome^^
mini anela!