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Really quick sketch..tere's something about it what i like but i dont know what exactly xD

cmmnt plz ^^
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Really quick sketch..tere's something about it what i like but i dont know what exactly xD cmmnt plz ^^
FirstBorn 2009-11-21 12:40:52 Good job! It look great, but there is something off about the neck. It should be more under the head. But that's just my opinion. ^_^;;
xXUnknownArtistXx 2009-11-21 13:10:10 thanks,yeah ur right, but it was a quick sketch so i didnt pay full attention to it ^^
sinobali 2009-11-23 22:24:43 draw a circle before u draw a full'll help to maintain the head shape sorry if im bein rude >_< but tats my way of helping ppl improve
xXUnknownArtistXx 2009-11-24 02:36:06 np thanks sinobali ^^
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Random art
Ok, so i drew this a while ago in corel (when i didn't realize photoshop was much better ^_^ ) and i redid all the line art and stuff in photoshop then recolored it. Hope you like it =P comment please b^^

This is the finalart from my chara Kenji Nagashiwa^_^

I hope you like it
Again, no legs. You will most likely never see any of my drawings with legs. Anycrap, the woman in the picture is supposed to look like she is walking in water. I think i saw this woman in a scene from InuYasha or some other television show of the sort.
This is just something i drew on corel. Tell me what I can do better if you want, i know it isn't fantastic ^^ thx
My main character of the story.
Jin Shiden
Jippie, the first time that I colored with my computer, ^-^ (I used Paint.Net.) BUt there's one problem: I don't know how to make shadows! :(, anyway I hope it's not too bad, hihi ^-^
I really had no idea what was going on when i drew this. mah friend ask me if i was horny when i was drawing this, lmao.
my favorite character in my favorite manga!
its alright ^^ .. didnt turn out exactly as i wanted it ... but its doable xD
Well finally I found some time to draw some stuff again ..
There's no real real progression visible though compared to my
other pics which is a shame .. The hand in the background is
way too big I think .. I tried drawing hooves of some sort
but I need to find more horse pictures on the net .. 
Anyway nothing special ^_^ but at least i got to upload again ^_^
I'v been up-loading so much lately (sorry about that, my bad), I'll try to let my other works filter out of the main gallery before I load anymore ^_^
SDL Duel between me and tywenart.
Long time no see ey? ^_^
Just a drawing of a girl, still practising a lot.