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random girl sketch... hope you like this :)
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505 random girl sketch... hope you like this :)
tymagic 2009-11-20 19:01:41 i luv it :*D pro job!!!!
FirstBorn 2009-11-21 12:37:57 It looks great! How did you do this? Looks like you used a digital medium.
505 2009-11-22 04:22:33 Thanks and yup, I was experimenting Paint Tool SAI, using a wacom tablet
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Random art
Page 1, Here's a little story i made of a moogle and a chocobo doing pyramid selling :-O
(featuring the tonberry, the goblin and the bomb)
To final fantasy fans, Enjoy ;)
I was just trying out different styles. I know some aren't as tidy as it should be, but eeehh, I'm not doing it all over again :)
a wolf hehe yea im practiceing animals 
i used referance to min woo hyungs wrk here (like u cant tell) i think it looks to evil , meep 
need to draw more animals bye bye
this is very fun i like the shade on the kimono and the nose  v^_^v
pencil no jutsu

Ahhh, just trying over new coloring grounds, that's all

hey guys,, long time no upload, my tablet is broken so i wil be uploading sketches only for a wile wel this a fellow I really worked on to let him look cool the arms are a bit crumpy but overall I like him
the first time I've uploaded something here ^_^,comments are welcome!!
This is what is known to most as FAILED PERSPECTIVE. Whatever, I tried. 8D Who cares, it was just a doodle anyway.
Also an old image, this is a cover I did a good couple of years ago of my original comic project Fragile. Here is the main character the 12 yr old boy Lake, his winged friend August and Lake's pets Chupon and Twirl. This is one of the last things I did before I turned to digital inking.
it's not what you think.
aby comments are welcome :)
merry xmas  evry 1 i aint posted in a while ^^; anyhow
tis LINK frm zelda woo cute little link elf boy yes wel ah-hem  ts as origonalya water color that being the lazy bum i am couldet b arsed finishin then xmas came i now have a scanner so i scaned it and finnished it on photoshop  ^_^ hope yall like