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part three
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Wandering_Musician part three
FirstBorn 2009-11-18 09:34:42 Are those chopsticks coming out of the sky?
Wandering_Musician 2009-11-18 14:42:42 yes, yes they are :)
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Random art
Just some random guy. I have no idea why I drew him.
I'm trying to make a story again, but this is a doodle of some chara's i want to use. I actually don't have names for them and Kesuke was just made up ^^;;
"The twins"

I drew them for a comic that i'm currently sketching. o3o

Ona on the left Bonni on the right.
This is a sketch i've been working on, a while now actually. I'm still working one her hands and arms. Been trying to find a new style for me, and I like her face so far ^^
I felt like uploading..
Everyone on Devart wanted to comb his hair.
I was reading Shaman King and Pyron(Lee Bailong) inspired me to draw an actionsketch. It was nice to draw something other then my own style ^^
pencil no jutsu
Kingdom  Hearts fan art. Oil on map board. Thoughts?
A fanart of Haku form Naruto. I Made this on my day off. It's collored with markers accept the background, those are watercollors. Well, enjoy en tell me what you think please!!!
My OC Jamie Narwhal gone amazon.  ^^
um...I think I really need to get a skin-tone marker.
First page of my manga. :D
Sophie Mann
in a strange castle, the knights kneel..
I draw these a lot at school then when I have time at home I use them for ideas :)