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part three
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Wandering_Musician part three
FirstBorn 2009-11-18 09:34:42 Are those chopsticks coming out of the sky?
Wandering_Musician 2009-11-18 14:42:42 yes, yes they are :)
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Random art
Long time no upload and drawing with traditional media...XP So here is some lineart made with a regular fineliner. Just practise for fun ^^
Def Character
Again, ragnarok character xD
the guy says something in the line of: hey i should actualy do this,or go there,whatever.
and the girl says something like,blablabla what ever come one:)
anyway,i wanted to draw something more in the "romantic" kind of scene.
dis one is an acetate artwork.damn!!!!it really cost me lot and took me 3 weeks in the making but its worth it i've sold this piece for php 30k to a friend.some of you maybe familliar with this pic 'cause ive just made a xerox from the original
Streetfighter,little work,lazy
aaaaaaaaaaaaaa! a monster ooo i draws it eh he....he 6^^
pencil no jutsu
I was bored so i tried to make an pic of a girl not using any reference XD
Muru Kitty
For a girl, trying out oil colour... :3 C&C welcome
Jamie Narwhallll. [:
Hey, I was suddenly in a mood for uploading after how many months? Yeah I apologize for not doing it sooner as I promised, but yeah. dat was het gewoon. Anyway, here's concept art I made for my schoolproject which is already finished btw. It's the leadcharacter of our anime. Exposition is 31rd may at grafisch lyceum rotterdam. It is a 3d animation. Wanna see, contact me. - JIM
A fanart "get well soon" icon of Heero(from gundam wing) for my friend, when she was sick...
for my dad`s birthdey b^^d
pencil no jutsu
He is Aldrin...the smart guy!
Want to be his friend...
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