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A character from a fantasy story I'm writing.
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Monkeigh A character from a fantasy story I'm writing.
FirstBorn 2009-11-13 05:23:11 Nice! Not many people try to draw people from behind. I'm glad to see you are experimenting.
Monkeigh 2009-11-13 07:01:40 I wasn't experimenting. Doing 360 horizontally isn't that hard. Doing 360 vertically, that's painful.
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Random art

He is an person or tracks down the criminally insane. He is schizophrenic.
By the way this is a rushed pic so a better one will be uploaded soon
"Growing over my head", I feel really bad at this moment. Things grow over my head and I'm just done with it, I don't want to think about it anymore, but on the same time I can't do anything else. I'm starting to get angry with myself and with others. I just... feel sad.
This is an animation that actually burnt into my retna one day. A flying fiery bird.
Critiquing welcome
Yay improvement! :)
Kisuke Urahara by Tite Kubo, Bleach
Its a navi from the movie 'Avatar'
fire sorcerer!
It's android 18!
Ahh~ the nostalgia. She was the most awesome character in that show.

Anyway, here's my version!
Anywas heres my entry. ^^ I hope you likes. :) c&c welcome and encouraged. :D
this is a self portret of me. it's from a couple of years ago and witha little fantasie around me.. and?
Just fooling around with different things in corel painter. Tell me what you think :D crits plz
Ryuu, one of the main characters in a manga I'm planning. ^^ This is an old pic, actually. Colored in Corel Photopaint, with a mouse, before I learned how to use layers. ^^;; I know his hair needs highlights, but I was too timid to try and I don't want to bother now. :P And no, he's not a vampire elf, he's a dragon in his "human" form. I also know his head is too big, but he does have a rather large ego! ^_~ Like I said, old pic. ^^;;
done in an art class, just using my left hand...  I'm right-handed