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heres the finished version :3
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heres the finished version :3
xXUnknownArtistXx 2009-08-18 05:27:50 Awesomenez colloring! i like it ^ ^ btw thx for you comment ^_0
tymagic 2009-08-18 18:17:24 thanx so much ^-^
pencil no jutsu 2009-08-21 16:56:41 i like it but i think the props are a lil odd unless if it is a chibi than its a good jobe ^_^
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Yay! It's kinda too late, but I finished it anyway ^^ Merry Christmas!
i don't know how i came on the idea of drawing this one but i kinda like it. Hope you'll like it too
my first art, I did the best i could, i hope you like it. I yust need to buy photoshop now -_-
Hi there.
Some rough work i recently made. Nothing special. Her neck looks off and her hands too. Hands are surely not my strongest point. just wanted to put something up. bye bye
big spoiler to my fanfic, but it's just sutch a cute drawing ^^ I do think that D-Jinn turned out a bit to young. Jad and D-Jinn are both highly respected (and wanted) chars of LINK ©!^^
He is Pan. The stongest of all satyrs. Son of God Hermis. His hobby? Going after Nymps... ^^
an old drawing that I found in the dust under a nintendo 64
Oh dear, I'm sooo sleepy, I'v run out of things to draw and to make matters worse my garden fence has just blown over @_@
has a automall right hand he hate being called short plus he has a small brother how is six times his hieght
I ve just finished an old sketch 
^^ ... I am gonna do the same for more sketches I thought I ll never finish :P ...
My favorite band... Do you know them?
its alright ^^ .. didnt turn out exactly as i wanted it ... but its doable xD
sword repairer
secutary^-^ i was just messing around on ms paint and theres the outcome ^0^ i hope u like it!!!!!