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a quick chibi I colored, took about 30 minutes.
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Uezurii a quick chibi I colored, took about 30 minutes.
xXUnknownArtistXx 2009-08-17 06:08:32 cool pose ^ ^ i like it
pencil no jutsu 2009-08-21 16:58:57 well i am sorry to tell u but i think u cold do bather than this right ??? but as it is a quick doodle its ok i like the pose btw ^_^
edragon 2009-10-28 09:35:48 nice, I like the square blade too!
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teeheehee mju...i dont know much to say ^^;; it's a cheerleader?...anyway...tell me what you think ;)
viking time.
Well finally I found some time to draw some stuff again ..
There's no real real progression visible though compared to my
other pics which is a shame .. The hand in the background is
way too big I think .. I tried drawing hooves of some sort
but I need to find more horse pictures on the net .. 
Anyway nothing special ^_^ but at least i got to upload again ^_^
an OC by me
from my manga "cats dumpling rock n roll"
tried to be simple :D
combine the face of "Kaiba" with a samurai costume and.... here it is!
A bit early for Halloween but had some free time on my hands.
This is a picture I drew for quite possibly the most amazing person ever :D I took a picture and colored over it in photoshop... all done with a tablet. Took me about 3 hours total...maybe 3 and a half. Crits welcome ^^  I hope you enjoy noell btw I miss you soo much right now!
Sean 79 from the forum did the coloring.
I put this under line-art , not coloured , because I just used some fluo markers on I said , I want a cg-coloured line-art of my character..but that's just gonna be a dream forever...must improve now...
Random "I have now idea what I'm doing but I'm still doing it" picture. Total mess. ^_^
my new ID for devart, great site:D