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a quick chibi I colored, took about 30 minutes.
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Uezurii a quick chibi I colored, took about 30 minutes.
xXUnknownArtistXx 2009-08-17 06:08:32 cool pose ^ ^ i like it
pencil no jutsu 2009-08-21 16:58:57 well i am sorry to tell u but i think u cold do bather than this right ??? but as it is a quick doodle its ok i like the pose btw ^_^
edragon 2009-10-28 09:35:48 nice, I like the square blade too!
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Ah, dreams can be so nice.
A really rough sketch. My style is changing rapidly, and I hope in a good way^^. Been practicing hands, face and anatomy. Her name is Leah.

Maybe some ideas for the background? comment is much appriciated
January 2006 thing.  Her posture and proportions are iffy (not to mention that screwed up lineart), but I still like the ambiance of the whole image. x)
(scanned lineart, colored in photoshop)
Furapujaku no Bouken
Dustin C.
Just a witch
Still working on my project. But i have to many ideas and i cant put them all together, kinda frustrating.. Ow, i uploaded this one before, but with unknown text 8)
You might think her doing a roundhouse kick but he isn't, didn't work out quite the way i wanted, however i don't think this one turned out to bad
I made this during my homework, it's kinda messy, but I hope you like it ^-^
In-joke doodle, but I actually rather like the sketch, so I decided to submit. Probably because it's rare for me to draw someone that's not just standing there. It's still rather static, but it's an improvement just the same. D: I may or may not ink this. It IS just a 15 minute doodle.

Um. You're probably wondering about that stupid staff. It's the BOON staff. 8D It is made of win and badassery.
unfinished part 2
this is the farthest ive gotten on this
sigghh i will never finish this
sorry =/
This is my first artwork here. The scanning quality is bad, but please tell me what you think.
Nudity!!! .. i think i forgot how to draw LOL!!!, but i like the colorwork of this one, its kind of messy almost like glowing. comments are welcome. ^-^
Havent uploaded in a while, here's something quickly done for a project. Environment impression for a game level (think UT/quake). Feels like it's missing something, its driving me nuts >.<
EDIT: Designs. Gonna redo the top when I have the time.