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a quick chibi I colored, took about 30 minutes.
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Uezurii a quick chibi I colored, took about 30 minutes.
xXUnknownArtistXx 2009-08-17 06:08:32 cool pose ^ ^ i like it
pencil no jutsu 2009-08-21 16:58:57 well i am sorry to tell u but i think u cold do bather than this right ??? but as it is a quick doodle its ok i like the pose btw ^_^
edragon 2009-10-28 09:35:48 nice, I like the square blade too!
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I mistakingly deleted it, lol
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comment please ^-^
i think the tatoos turned out great on this guy
i was planning on posting two things up but it seem that my comp conked ut on me :(... well i hope you guys like this one
converse fan