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just a quck doodle on ms paint im not happy with it though :s
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just a quck doodle on ms paint im not happy with it though :s
xXUnknownArtistXx 2009-08-10 13:21:44 nice, i like her expression ^_^
tymagic 2009-08-11 10:09:54 thank u unknownartist ^-^
ish 2011-04-23 02:17:56 Did you do the picture you currently have as your profile pic?
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Random art
 o m g !
My first real attempt on drawing using photoshop completely and without any lines. I took amazingly long hours that my head and hand is shaking now ^^; 17 hours on the girl and 11 hours on the bg. New record of hours for my photoshoping history, WHEW~! ^^;;; I am about to drop now X_X; -- Done fully by photoshop 7, Mouse.
part three
Im using this picture to pratice markers and photoshop blending.
An owl I've made a while ago with paint, how do u like it? pleas give your opinion.
A cover for a manga I want to work on. It's Jewls again :)
I haven't uploaded anything in ages. I'm surprised i haven't been kicked off here.
This may look like a 10 minute oekaki piece of crap, but it was not as easy to make as it seems. Have you noticed any outlining? No? That's because I haven't used any! This is done with Thick Pointed markers only and nothing else.
I thought that this image would never get out of my head, I like the little details in it
Sozo teki
yay bit old Ral fan-art i found :D i ussually dont do fanart but i like this one ^^
comment! :)
my next venture~~
just sharing ideas, i'll put this stuff up on the forum a little later and elaborate~
only if it doesn't cause anyone any trouble....sorry about the bulk uploading~~and hogging the pic space...
yeah.... only one who have seen this is Ayla. Made this crap like 8 or 9 months ago. and the thumb has the best colours ever. DAMN MUSKITOOOOOOOOO SZzz! break ye neck flying biotch!
This is me, yey!
A couple of characters from my sci-fi story (they're married)