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Pg 24 from chapt 10 of AOY lol
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Yaz Pg 24 from chapt 10 of AOY lol
kannal 2011-04-03 03:22:58 it's cute! :3
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Random art
character from my manga
I changed it and finally scanned my pics sooo . i guess you see this one before ( i only draw the hair a little darker ^^ )
another alela pic. im working on fighting poses for her.
so this is an original, my little sister was about 10 when i drew this, and this is what i beleive her spirit would look like!     did this with a non waterproof pen, and water colours... ya figure that one out!
Issue 1 cover for FirePath haha
renegade in SD mode. renegade (c) emerson tung.
Yes.. it's a swordsman from RO.. someone asked me to draw his .. so i did.. he likes hope. hope some of you too.. i'm just a beginner you know *big puppy look*
well, this is my lastest work. I think it is calm and warm, but my drother think it looks cold Y_Y. Enjoy. [nop, i am not in the mood to type what i like and i dont like]
Squiditha inspired artwork. i cant find my color pencils T.T
Royal Icing pg 53, now in print on and online at
the pagan symbol
Zydrate Robber

haven't drawn in a while...comments?
Im nuts
Hey guys whats cooking? kekek guess its been a while sins i last posted something ^^. anyways i haven't given up on the Pikmin redesign thingy i was working on so here is the second Hell spawn pikmin: Reaper .... injoy