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tymagic 2009-07-31 13:02:40 omg that's totally awsume ^-^
AILEEN 2009-08-01 15:05:27 This is just amazing! A very powerful drawing! The sepia ink and the tinted paper are very suitable!
pencil no jutsu 2009-08-08 15:19:51 dis looks to damn good u rock ass XD
edragon 2009-10-22 16:20:28 AWESOME! nothing else, just awesome.
Joybringa86 2010-09-30 02:20:06 pretty darn cool ^^
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Belated birthday present for Bride. Can't think of any better background, oh well, I still like the design though :D -- Ink: Pilot G-tech, Color: Photoshop 7, Time Spent: 16 hours.
My Secret Santa gift for an artist on Deviantart, I really like how this one came out. I've always wanted to do a chair pose like that and I did, I also like how the image pops.
I know his head is WAY to big, but I like it. Have fun :D
WARNING!!> blood aint fo kids....AHH YESS!!! It finally worked thanks to; Sleepless!! Maybe not as good as sleepless but it's my first! I'm soooo proud of it!! ^^
I hate it when my drawings look so crappy because of the scanner >_< 
Anyways! Yu-Gi-Oh! fanart! Yay! Yami is just too sexy ^_~

Zydrate Robber
The first page of a comic project I have underway. Sort of getting used to digitones again.
"Floating" in color! ^^ I now have a title for Ryu and Kei's manga. It's "Forever is Not Enough" or "F.I.N.E." for short. ^_~ I colored this in Photopaint. I had to shrink it and remove the background to fit the size restrictions, but you can see the full wallpaper versions here: <br>
<br>They're big, though. ^^;; The letters (and the border on the larger) were colored in Paint Shop Pro 8. (just got it ^^)
Chibi made in Corel Draw, I had alot of fun making this
Thanx to David for showing me how to draw blood. I hope I did a good enough job. ^^
I felt guilty for the other bunnydrawing, so I bunnied myself too! xD I'm just gonna bunny everybody that talks to me tonight... lucky friends, it's 3am xD
this is Yukio. A dude. from coman again.
a character i made pleez leave comments