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She was a failed experiment.
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Xaiyu-Chan She was a failed experiment.
edragon 2009-10-22 16:23:09 Sweetness! Where are the successful experiments? 0.0
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Random art
i don't know....i kinda like it...erhm the hand is not very o.k...
Ryu and Kei (the blonde) right before their first kiss! ^^ I got an i-pen (pen shaped optical mouse) for Christmas and put it to good use. ^_~
i made this work because i got inspiration of bleach really. :P
"BLESS THE CHILD" This one is a little old. I wanted to make something diferent for my first picture of an "angel-ralated-thing" on this site, so I posted this picture
Ragnarok fanart
was drawing this and got lazy towards the end. ill finish and color it cause i like it so far... im sure you guys are sick of seeing this character by now but shes easy anatomy practice cause of the skin tight suit
Manga Art
My first drawing on Oekaki <3
A fanart "get well soon" icon of Heero(from gundam wing) for my friend, when she was sick...
One more time i come with my lack of comical abilities... hope you like this one :3
This is a sketch of, eh, 6 of the guys of Spotlight, a manga I'm making. This is (in order from right to left, top to bottom) Jinya, Shin, Tetsuji, Soichiro, Ryouta, and Gyousei. There are 2 missing.
This took me forever and I am NOT happy with it. It does look much better offline, but eh. :( I suppose it's alright. It's better than the last time I tried to draw a sunset. xD
My version of Archer of the Gorgonites. ^_^
pencil no jutsu