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I wanna color it, but im rlly lazy.. lol, hope u like it xD
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Nasuri I wanna color it, but im rlly lazy.. lol, hope u like it xD
pencil no jutsu 2009-06-13 04:46:11 well your props are a lil odd but i like the idea ^_^
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Random art
Amazon America doll that I would love to make someday. [:
Testing out my 30 day trial of PS 6.0 XP
This was hard...I mean it took me about 2 month...I kept going wrong on the hair.
Okay, coloured!! Please comment^^
Sketch based on artpiece from Tom aka Arcturus. Somehow it just popped up into my head... 6^^
Def Character
concept character Taru, it's a boy actually, but I think it looks like a girl :(
still my some of my drawings, eens sports..
a friend of mine ones had a dream about this scene and I just HAD to draw it! aren't they cute!?^^ (to bad they don't have wings in the real fic)
felana (girl) and regh (boy) are honored lavositian kick-assers from Link ©
Beebop doodle on pendako 6^^
Def Character
there is a girl who's making a book, and she asked me to make the cover  ^_^
final page
=3 ... yes yes yes NikA wants to be a fantasy artist (or something close to that ^^U ). What i like, her face, horns and coloring. What i dont like,  her right arm and the wings =/ (a pain in the ...). C&C welcome as usual =3
Another DK fanart with Rath and Cesia =D I am so dang proud of Rath's profile because I just CAN'T do them x_x;;; Hands are worse. Though I encounter hands more...I'm going to try to do more profile pictures (I already have another fanart scene in mind x3) to hopefully improve that since hands are just going nowhere. Anywho, background made by random brushes and burning layers.
It's my first commissioned picture. I worked really hard on this, it's the first time I actually receive money ^^; I am glad the commissioner likes it. -- Ink: Pilot G-tech, Color: Photoshop 7, Time: 20 hours, Price: USD 12.00