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the first comic strip of a series called Empty Punchline my friends and I are trying to get going.
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Wandering_Musician the first comic strip of a series called Empty Punchline my friends and I are trying to get going.
Zeph 2009-05-25 08:58:08 i like it. but, i would use a ruler when drawing the panels...
Wandering_Musician 2009-05-25 14:18:09 haha...I actually didn't use one on purpose...I wanted it to be sorta loose, to match the comics light-hearted and humorous tone.
xXUnknownArtistXx 2009-05-25 14:25:10 lol,like it ^^ but his body is kinda...i dunno...weird :P good job anyway :)
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Random art
a drawing for my friend. I'm working on a background.. any suggestions???
ITS CHRISTMAS!!!! lol well it was when i drew this ^.^
Lee Henrik

one of my character designs i realy like this one
Practicing poses wich I colored really quick. This one is actually a few weeks old but thought I should put it up anyway, been gone for a while so yeah :P 
Got so much W.I.P's I need to finish.... And I will work on them starting today so I'll be uploading a lot of new pictures soon! =D
Sephiroth fanart. When I'm angry, depressed, sad or not in a happy mood, I always fight Sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts. For some reason, it makes me very happy. I guess it's the challenge, the music and Sephiroth himself. Me like Sephiroth ^_^ Anyways, that's why the feather is there. I wanted to draw the wing as well, but I suck at drawing wings, so I decided to leave the wing out.
this is another one im working on for my friend redd. its her origi. character astrid.
I finally got myself a graphire4 4x5 tablet, it was really hard to use that i pretty much wanted to give up using it. I was just creating some random lines  on photoshop and somehow gave me an outline in my head so i use it to draw this picture. (i hid the random line layer) Sadly it didn't turn out well as expected, but i was happy with it.
Me and my imaginary Vampire boyfriend, Haiku.
"& now, for my next performance, I present to you my newest creation...", announced the Dollmaker. With a flourish of his long, spidery fingers & a wave of the plume on his somewhat tattered hat, he unveils one of his ingenious works of craftsmanship - a puppet?! More than just a puppet, perhaps?
Yay! My first post here :) I drew this traditionally and colored through photoshop. This is also my very first commission for a friend. Comments/suggestions are appreciated :)
Luffy D Monkey - One Piece!