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i gotta post more often D:
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yurusanzo i gotta post more often D:
pencil no jutsu 2009-06-05 02:53:44 his head is a lil to big but i like the muscles
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Random art
After a long, loooong time i finally upload new art ^_^ YAY!! i hope you like this art. Its made with Open Canvas. This drawwing is a Avi art. (gaiaonline) tee hee hee (n.n)
[This is my 6th art that i have made on my Tablet.]
This is my charecter Momoei.
This was drawn with crayons

hamid ghalijari
just some doodle I made BEFORE thinking of a new style XO
Not really catgirls/catboys... but there wasn't a category for bunny girls
MWAHAAAHHAA!! My first attempt at drawing Vincent in chibi form. Sorry it's on paper with lines, but made this one during class.
this one is exelent and a bit different from the others dont think any1 know this one
Another Harry Potter fanart. I'm still obsessed, went to see PoA for the second time today ^_^ I'm not a big fan of Draco, not a fan of him at all, but this song inspired me to do this pic. I think it really fits him and his attitude. I wonder what you guys think

getting away from my style and trying something more anime. It's Yugioh...comments and crits?

Lee Henrik
woooh, merry Chrismas to you all!!
okay this drawing prooves that I'm no good at drawing dragons...I just wanted to try once because I'm jalous at my friend lorenzo...he's the bets when it comes to backgrounds and dragons...btw , I'm trying tu persuade him to join this no avail...^_?
i was going 4 a cheeky yet sweet look i call this picture sweet cherrys i wasnt sure wether to put 18+on it. but u know just in case. piz like it^-^