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just an assortment. hope u'll like it.
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link just an assortment. hope u'll like it.
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Random art
I tried a new way of coloring(for me) on this... c&c please.
this is not my artwork , this a profile picture .
hi im new here names adam 
this is a sketch i did ^^
saske commission from otakon 
hope u guy like it
this is just a bit of what i've been doing for the tv station that hired me... i post it cuz i haven't been able to do anything else and i felt like it was time to upload something :D
me hungry. feed me.
Cover page for my new manga, Sealed Memory. I want to use this for a manga competition. -- Inked by Pilot G-tech and Sharpie. Color by color pencil.
Doin some fanart for old times' sake. <3
I really have no idea what this is... I was just messing around on Corel Painter Essentials 3. Pretty neat program!
Deetris the fuzzy tail-sprouting cute killer monkey-girl
Older sketch of Nick Treize, looking a bit unsettled (if ya look closely) that someone has asked him about his life, freshly colored. There's a corresponding story, detailing one version of his sordid past. It'm still working on it, though. ^^;; He's actually suppose to be wearing his " trademark" plain-white t-shirt , but I decided to leave him top-less.
. . .
All right, fine! I didn't actually draw anything below the neck besides the hair. So sue me. I just painted in the shoulder as an afterthought (looked weird otherwise) and I forgot about his t-shirt. Happy now?
PSP 8.1 colored sketch.
Once I finish the story, I'll add a link to it here. Just for the hell of it. ^_~
Started as a sketchtraining on how to draw faces from different views and ended up colored and stuff :P  What a shitpic
when i thought i lost the one my friend made my friends is better......................................................
well here is a real "iff you think a little fire could stop me, youre rong ill still try to take your head" girl :P well injoy