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This is another version of Delphia from my fri's story xD
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Rika This is another version of Delphia from my fri's story xD
larlock1 2009-05-02 14:46:25 looks awesome no crits from me
larlock1 2009-05-02 14:47:39 looks awesome no crits from me except the neck is too tall
Rika 2009-07-10 00:53:02 ^^ thnk u, will watch out for that
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Random art
Kingdom  Hearts fan art. Oil on map board. Thoughts?
yes, its everyone's favourite ff7 hero. cloud strife!! cloud strife (c) square enix. artwork (c) emerson tung
Sketch-Line art: Manga Studio EX
Color: Adobe Photoshop
Tools: Wacom Graphirre 4
Estimate Time: +- 5 Hours
Lately I try to draw faces differently then usual. I ended up non manga but I still wanted to show it.
Def Character
It's an old drawing I made in the 3rd grade :P I'm not gonna upload from bad to good or something :P I'll random upload and I'll see the comments in a week or 2 :P byebye ^^
a draw orochimaru :)
its the doll sketch  but in color  ^^ i used layers and it dident go rong yay XD
Just another sketch of worlds best detective, and my alltime favorite, L ^_^
I hope you like the color

someone ask me to collor it.. and I hope you like it too
Havent uploaded in a while, here's something quickly done for a project. Environment impression for a game level (think UT/quake). Feels like it's missing something, its driving me nuts >.<
EDIT: Designs. Gonna redo the top when I have the time.
whoa :-O
It's been a while, but I hope
you'll enjoy this new comic.
Sadly I had to cut it in two though.
It's also a bit experimental, so
I'll look forward to your comments
on it.
This was a fan art the I did for a contest.(mail order ninja)  I have a long rant an rave on the tokyopop site about this because this contest has gone nowhere.  I just wanted to win a Wii.