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This is another version of Delphia from my fri's story xD
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Rika This is another version of Delphia from my fri's story xD
larlock1 2009-05-02 14:46:25 looks awesome no crits from me
larlock1 2009-05-02 14:47:39 looks awesome no crits from me except the neck is too tall
Rika 2009-07-10 00:53:02 ^^ thnk u, will watch out for that
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Random art
I would appreciate some good criticism for those that can spare it <3
Its been a while again. For those who are wondering what happened to me XD, im still alive and drawing :3

THis is Ibuki I made on my work in lunchbreakkkkohhhh with tablettt. 


Hmmm.... hahha still working on it.
*cries along*
It's a Dark Chao But it reminds me of an evil Telitubi or how ever you spell it. What do you think!
This was the cover I drew for my friends online comic that she's creating right now. I fiddled with Photoshop for a bit and I think it turned out pretty good! That has to be the best male character I have ever drawn in my life. That's pretty sad.
Tik Tak
a horse sketch this is from memory^_^ iit has a very preist feel dontcha think im proud of this since i suck at animals><
The lady of good fortune shall rize to all those who have suffer bad luck^^

with my best wishes to everyone and keep it all up^^
xies to the fans
Hello, everyone! :D I'm new and this is my first art here. Work from 15th February 2007.
Hyuuuu~! My original character, Miriel in colors. Just CG art + more effects.
Texture from
Lineart + texture + vector autoshape + my dad's photo :D
And work for some hours in PS CS2.
Facial study for my new avatar... ^^
Def Character
I really had no idea what was going on when i drew this. mah friend ask me if i was horny when i was drawing this, lmao.
my first upload
I made it @ school
using my pen
so no erasing :p
honest comment are appriciated
The hands of those she tricked came for her from Hell...

For better quality and size, you know what to do, go to my DA xD
i don't know how i came on the idea of drawing this one but i kinda like it. Hope you'll like it too