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umm it's kinda faded but just a sketch
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umm it's kinda faded but just a sketch
gatrosk 2009-04-30 20:41:54 First and foremost, work on perspective.
larlock1 2009-05-01 01:53:40 i am kinda having problems with perspective but could you give me tips
larlock1 2009-05-01 01:55:22 anyone plz can i have some drawing tips perspective and such
Blaze 2009-05-20 00:32:54 you can take a picture of someone from that same angle, and observe the proportions so that you can apply it to your drawing. if you do that, you'll notice that what's closer is bigger. and what's further away is relativelly smaller. d'you know what i mean?
Blaze 2009-05-20 00:35:11 by the way, do you know anything about vanishing points? i bet if you learned a little about that it would help you a lot. just google it, do some research.
Blaze 2009-05-20 00:43:40 make sure you type "perspective" as well. otherwise you would get a bunch of links to "Vanishing Point" the movie and stuff... have fun and good luck
larlock1 2009-05-22 03:19:56 thanks much
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Random art
I made this on holliday when i was realy bored, i always use alot colors....cuz that's make me happy.
Well i like this pic. i hope you like it too.....and if youre thinking that some things are not good please give me some suggestions^^
I know that the hands are not good...
WEll i know that the hands are not good....^^
New style of art, done all digital with mouse. Sakura and Cammy are the only ones from Capcom. The rest I made up myself. They were all oekaki's, but I put them all together for the better ;)
this one's a first in everything: my very first upload, my first colored pic and it's cloud from final fantasy 7, the first final fantasy game I played! I hope you guys like it!
Practicing boy-faces, it's still hard for me to draw boy's! :3  
I'm going to colour it when i have a colouring program.
A picture of a girl I originally created for a story, but she grew on me so I attempted to draw her. I'm not good at bodies or hands, I admit, but that will come with more practice. ^_^ I'd like some feedback plz.
:D a random drawing I made... a rough concept for a character I guess...
and i do NOT like that staff one bit ;P
from my sister...
if you can read this, then my computer finally works.
artwork from manga in current work named frozen
A 8th grader.
Anenergetic and fun human.
MWAHAAAHHAA!! My first attempt at drawing Vincent in chibi form. Sorry it's on paper with lines, but made this one during class.
A night with the markings of Konoa.
Crits and comments are welcome...
I can take it ^^
pencil no jutsu