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A 2nd year high school who is the captain of the track and field team.
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kaz A 2nd year high school who is the captain of the track and field team.
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Random art
and yet another weird picture ive made..i feel this one is special though, looking at it makes me think alot...
Aaaand last one. Same dude as first post. 3 or 4 hours, oc 1.1
i drew this a few days ago nd i think its kinda crappy..
leave comments if u wish
its sakuragi, best i could do. hope i'll improve(especially in shading and colouring :)
It's been a few months already again!

So it's time for a stupid joke, Magical fail girl! She can bleed at will!

Also at
this is link. Usaly i never draw zelda:p. Enjoy^^
Beatrice doll with a colorful outfit I designed. xD
Winter Bliss
More Gatha, and Garrett just because. :3

Fanart for the manga called The tarot club. I really love that style. It's a bundle of 4 stiries and this one was the saddest. There are some flaws, like his right arm and hand, and the scanner messed it up a bit. It looks better on paper :( But still I like the way it turned out. What do you think?
Manga Art
The third in the series "girls and signs" (def have to come up with a cooler name :p)... I stopped with the second one for a while cos it had too many flaws... this one is better (although she looks a bit lazy, but i think that looks nice!:D) also I need to think of a cool background... any thoughts???
Just a friend of mine im gonna use for a character in a comic