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Thisss is a page from chap 9. lol
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Yaz Thisss is a page from chap 9. lol
tymagic 2009-04-21 16:40:20 superb ^-^ nice job!!!!
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Random art
2 month late but here is Libra
She is a air sign. Diplomatic, romantic and I think a lover of pink ^^' I wanna make her like kind of lady justice but than a more like romaticer an I think the eagle and pidgeons also fit in that statement. 

PS: I know eagles and pidgeons can't live together. ^^'
Pirate Captain Kawa. Designed by Ben Krefta from Organic Metal
this is my demon with a demon blade ready to descend
A quick pencil doodle because I'm too lazy to ink anything, uhuh uhuh (=w=)"
Lozz mom asked me if i wanted some cake and this is wat i thought up ^_^ haha

umm basically i did it really yeah ^_^ dont be harsh it took me all of 10 mins >:O
all right! my first pic with my new tablet pc! just a random sketch in sketchpadpro and colored with soft charcoal in painter. its a monk! =^*^=
Dustin C.
Self portrait slightly manga style, this is for my ID on my dA page
soo a other one^^
a friend of me too^^
it's ryuu-kun^_^ he is so cute haha^^''
ehmm....drugs are bad?
part 2 of 3
bored at school again, but i think i am going to work this out one day
leon from resident evil 6 as a zombie let me know if you like it
Tidus,the penguin is a doll belongs to my friend, Emma. I drew a postcard for her because she likes Tidus so much ^^ and the huge stone is a doll of hers as well but since she forgot the name,so it remain as stone =(
Here's a piece I did last month I did of one of my manga characters, Mizuki Noguchi. It's a simple portrait type drawing