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one o my avatars in Second life

messin around with photoshop filters = yay
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Xaiyu-Chan one o my avatars in Second life messin around with photoshop filters = yay
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Random art
iff u guys like shading see my latest dbz picture
Finally some scanned art again.I really liked the line art of it, though it was sketchy. So I cleaned it and colored it in PhotoShop. Everytime I look at the results, it gives a happy feeling, knowing that its done, and feeling like my art has improved a bit. That's a good moment for an artist I say. I'm not sure if I'm editing this again. Just gonna add more detials to it further on I think. Njoy it :).
Just fooling around with different things in corel painter. Tell me what you think :D crits plz
... A nice picture ^_^
Heres another pic of Wolfwood
one of my several Second Life avatars
I'm back! yaay my scaner is working again ^_^ well this is old art...but i love it!
recently, SquareEnix had a contest where you could redesign their characters giving them a different job class that wasnt in the game "Final Fantasy X-2" so, being pretty enthusiastic about it i came up with these 2 designs, the foreground one is the geomancer yuna and the one in the back is the calculator/schoolgirl yuna. lets just see how hard the people at square laugh when they see the return address ;)
The Raging Spaniard
"BLESS THE CHILD" This one is a little old. I wanted to make something diferent for my first picture of an "angel-ralated-thing" on this site, so I posted this picture
a pic i did while developing my own style.

i was bored and made this quick sketch...since it can be interesting i guess well i posted it...
This is my elf archer with an exceptionally simple and un-imaginitave BG!! :P still needs some work but i wanted to put it up anyway. Hope you like it.
A normal human once but when her parents died. She became an assassin for hire.