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antagonist character concept for my character helen's storyline. her name is elision
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yurusanzo antagonist character concept for my character helen's storyline. her name is elision
tymagic 2009-04-17 20:35:30 WOW!!!! she looks great and the foot gear has incredeble detail
ngluvjj 2011-03-25 11:10:50 the armor n footgear is just too amazing :O
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Random art
wow it been awhile 
since i poseted 
a year or 2

anyway naruto year skip
done in charcoal
I got this from a picture hope you like it
ok, so i did this for a deviantart ID, but i thought it was sooo cool, and it turned out about 1000 times beter than i thought it would, i decided to post it here too!! a little ity bit about me, the hair is mine.... and thats about all thats mine, i soo wish i had that outfit, and the kunai knife!!
it was 4.37 am in the night. my friends were playing WOW and I was still drawing. and I felt of drawing something random with big boobies XD *yawn*
i coloured it in wid penicil crayomnns duno how else to do it
Client work.

A Guitar Hero Les Gibson Faceplate. Its Engrish FTW!

Other paintjobs and visit my website BleedingViolin for my portfolio, other work, and how to obtain this kind of work.
i tried to make a male body and this is it :)
I made this whit my friend dynasty sat hope you like it C&c are very welcome
well this year at school u could 
chose to also get a little bid of game design. so now we have to make our own webgame .. but i always like to make some work of it .. so im making art for it :3.. here is the one u will be playing
I just wanted to get the pose from the picture to the right. 

well, this is the background i sketched for my caesar portrait. it didn't take too much time or effort but i like how it turned out...ish. so im posting it :D i used a photo reference:
another drawing of me , added some extra dynamic speedlines as reguested
A doodle doodle I made at lunch time today ... I kinda like it (nooo don't faint !! O_O) anyhow I might re-draw it sometime without the mistakes of this one, LOLz XD
actually...summer had begun....and it's so warm here in the Philippines.... that you will enjoy swimming, playing outdoors, picnics and other activities before the next season begin or the rainy season that will start in june or july