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a tattoo for my friend.
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fushicho a tattoo for my friend.
tymagic 2009-04-16 17:35:30 OMG id kill 4 a tatto like that u have one lucky freind ;) i hope the tatto artist is as good as u ^-^
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Random art
Quickie sketch of Maya from Tenjo Tenge :), hope you like it.
Been quite a bit since I've drawn.  Did this while waiting to go to work this morn.
Randomness >_<''
xD NikA finished ONE at least xD  so =3 i do like it but there is a lot of stuff going on and everything looks too messy and dark =3 YAY bondage, scars, blood <3 and look there is no purple =D  .... i miss my boyfriend =3
you all know hayate. in the background is his party member "Gene-ex". he is an experimental weapon made by the americans, created to destroy everything in it's way. gene-ex doesn't have feelings, somehow he became friends with hayate ( long story ) and his sister fel in love with him. in this picture, Gene-ex shows his feelings for the first time, seeing his beloved getting killed. ( my own crit about this drawing is that Hayate's feet is wrong and Gene-ex's hand.
a guardian angel just a pen drawing
Another old drawing I colored. These are my two characters. Kalea & Mi-track. Such a cute “couple”
I wanted to colour something in Photoshop and this came out as result.
I had fun doing so and hope you like it to.
pencil no jutsu
I drew this cute little girl during art class last year. Well, she got me a free 100 for the day so she gets too grace the pages of this site!^_^!
zodiac leo
i created this while listening blues
and don't mind the hands cause i'm not good at that, so i was done early as you see ^^
sketch thing I made from an artwork of Mucha. It isnt exactly the same as the original, but it didnt take that long anyway...
same as before
I wanted to do some zombie stuff, this is what I came up with.