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Not really catgirls/catboys... but there wasn't a category for bunny girls
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Riyoku Not really catgirls/catboys... but there wasn't a category for bunny girls
InuYasharox 2009-04-07 13:36:10 what are you using to sketch with? i love the purple (:
Riyoku 2009-04-07 20:13:23 I used a pencil and adjusted contrast/color in my program.
AILEEN 2009-04-10 03:07:54 very nice! looks like you're a speed-sketcher!
pencil no jutsu 2009-04-10 04:42:05 woaaa....i cant take it any more T_T i want to do that to
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Random art
>>hehee...i'm back!!!..
i just love ice cream.... it can turn me into a monster.... the girl is somehow made according to my resemblance.... ^____^ so happy living with ice cream
First time with Photoshop. This was done like i dunno how long ago.

Time: 5 hours
Expperimental blue man :D ...only used blues if you can't tell >_> and sorry for the hugeness XD
no witty/informative description needed, it's vash the stampede!
Cover-ish for mah wanna-be manga, Lost Sheep Noir.  

The guy in the middle is Krius Voi Mist (he's older than in my first drawing up here 8D ) and the DUDE to the right (our right) is Liux Raine Marche, Krius' right hand man ;D and the girl over there is Alesia... Yeaah, just Alesia (for a lack of a last name XD)
A carnival fanart dedicated to Oriko Mikuni and Kirika Kure of "Puella Magi Oriko Magica" series.

Oriko and Kirika - Puella Magi Oriko Magica
Okay kids here is the big one. This thing took me close to 20 hours to finish up! Done all in pencils and all the designs are mine obviously.Hope you like it! If you wanna go look at a bigger version, just copy and paste this link :
The Raging Spaniard
never is too late for a kingdom hearts II fanart.
first of all: the head is really far to big compared to the body :S

the hand most in front is kinda big too...but i especially made this for training my coloring, witch is getting better and better.
now i still have to learn the proportions...witch is very hard for me somehow :S

but i like the outcome, no matter the proportions ^^

i made this work with pastel by the way..i just <3 pastel ;)
After over 2 years of planning I actually sat myself down and drew it. The first page of my manga Seven Stars Of The Apocalypse. I'm very happy. Yes, the tree was a pain. Hopefully there's more to come.
porttrait sketch of fellow moderator def-c!
Dustin C.

OK its not really manga but its the style I'm going to in the last few years, still trying to make a combination with real manga-style and this one I'll keep you posted... used fineliner, copic-marker and color pencil.