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Not really catgirls/catboys... but there wasn't a category for bunny girls
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Riyoku Not really catgirls/catboys... but there wasn't a category for bunny girls
InuYasharox 2009-04-07 13:36:10 what are you using to sketch with? i love the purple (:
Riyoku 2009-04-07 20:13:23 I used a pencil and adjusted contrast/color in my program.
AILEEN 2009-04-10 03:07:54 very nice! looks like you're a speed-sketcher!
pencil no jutsu 2009-04-10 04:42:05 woaaa....i cant take it any more T_T i want to do that to
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Random art
this is one of my first drawings when I started useing step by step tutorials.
It's still incomplete, I just wanted to get some critique before I totally distory it with my inking. xD

The dress design belongs to Baby The Stars Shine Bright.
I've decided to abandon the other rikku pic, simply because I didn't really feel like finishing it (and I was completely unsatisfied with her face), so here's a new one :)
This one isn't finished either, but eh, it's -more- finished >.>
the front cover to the 1st issue of aniyi. you can read this issue at 

also go to
Colored version of my evilprincess, yeeeh ^-^, I didn't color the whole picture, because I'm too lazy -.- XD, this is the first time I use painter, but I hope you like it
this design reminds me of bleach
cutting wrists is fun
hehe urban style.. I made yis in taking a capuccino with a friend
Okay, second piece. This is the would be cover for a future issue of Its supposed to show ya how different.. people can get connected and share interests trough different.. handhelds (like the gba, psp, blah blah blah) Me I just like the demon with the big missile :). Sketched in blue pencil, then taken to photoshop from there (hence the line quality being sketchy and stuff)
The Raging Spaniard
here's another Illustrator artworky, I'm really beginning to get the hang of it =D I even created a temporary logo =) 

card 4 =D
the origional lineart of my Seiten Taisen masterpiece >w<
the twelth page of princess nightmare