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Not really catgirls/catboys... but there wasn't a category for bunny girls
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Riyoku Not really catgirls/catboys... but there wasn't a category for bunny girls
InuYasharox 2009-04-07 13:36:10 what are you using to sketch with? i love the purple (:
Riyoku 2009-04-07 20:13:23 I used a pencil and adjusted contrast/color in my program.
AILEEN 2009-04-10 03:07:54 very nice! looks like you're a speed-sketcher!
pencil no jutsu 2009-04-10 04:42:05 woaaa....i cant take it any more T_T i want to do that to
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Random art
Another CAPCOM art. Megaman, Zero and Servbots. Probably the best of mine in that category (capcom bots). I hope you will like this.^^ Especially if you're a MegamanZero fan.
Another realism sketch. No, the man that looks like a monkey isn't a monkey, I was practicing 
shades. Have fun !
This is inspired by the Bjork music video for "All Is Full Of Love" where bjork is a robot.
I hate it when my drawings look so crappy because of the scanner >_< 
Anyways! Yu-Gi-Oh! fanart! Yay! Yami is just too sexy ^_~
The mysterious Princess Venra
i gotta post more often D:
just an elf-faery! comment...
I thought it might be nice to make an ID for DeviantArt ^^ I screwed around with photoshop a lot as you can see :P(
Some try out work, I like it
i also don't know if this is suitable so i marked the box just in case >.<

random girl sketch... hope you like this :)
this is a older art...also made in 2006...but..i forgot to write the date so i dont remember when from 2006 i made it..srry!!!
=D ANIMATED!!! ^^ wiiiii!!!! . althought i am not very keen on christmas, this is my kind of christmas: summer, hot days and hot nights, one sad looking christmas tree, firework, etc; spending  christmas eve at my grandparents house ... that was a long time ago. sorry about the image size. =3. no snow or big fat santa for me ^-^