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Riyoku Gaiaonline Commission.
Wandering_Musician 2009-04-04 22:10:27 wonderful job with the dark/night color scheme. Love all the shades of violet. I like how you did the light from the lamp as well, and how it reflects of the top part of the pole. excellent design of the dress.
Rika 2009-04-07 07:03:52 this is beautiful! i like her hair and wings
InuYasharox 2009-04-07 13:38:44 this is wonderful work (: you balance colors so well!
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Random art
Another deformed head lol neck is way too long

Zydrate Robber
....and piccolo. :)
a quick chibi I colored, took about 30 minutes.

New pictures next time D:
Just checking out a new programe.
I've been itching to upload this sucker for days now, but didn't want to until I was able to work further on commissions that NEED to be done ( yes, I'm working on the Sleeping Beauty beach one, no worries ). It's been up on the MLP Arena and Trading Post for those few days, but only because I wanted to introduce the pony community to my regular chibi style *hoping to get some more commissions and possibly sell tshirts ^_^*.<br><br>
Femme chibi male version of Glory, the My Little Pony. Pencils and Copic multiliners inks in sketchbook, colored in Open Canvas. ( available for tshirt transfers for purchase ).<br><br>
Sketched and inked in my sketchbook while being bored in the back of the schools computer lab at work on the students first day of classes. I was ORIGINALLY going to do a chibi picture of my unicorn character, Ellis, but ended up doing a chibi male version of Glory, nude, with noooothing showing. I've printed this out onto dark tshirt transfer paper, and transfered it to a black tshirt. It looks pretty dang cool, actually! Now to see how well the transfer and ink stays after being washed.<br><br><i>~~Bee</i>
idiot character in a tree, made this one up in class. took about 40 minutes.
Lone mecha walking the cold and desolte west of the future. Bringing it's own brand of justice.

allright, today the good stuff starts to pile in, remeber that soccer piece i did a while ago? this here is the page prior to what happened there. I believe what goalies go trough in any game is incredibly underrated, so i wanted to shift my focus on that. Also, i toned down the linework on the crowds for better composition. hope you like it (and comment on it, hint hint) ;)
The Raging Spaniard

Figure sketching turned monster with awesome claws.
Hi!! \(^-^)/ been busy with school, but finally holiday has arrived!! From now on I will draw a lot more, XD 5 min drawing, and it's a boy/elf with long hair XD