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Did this for a friend at my job.
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KeiChan Did this for a friend at my job.
Wandering_Musician 2009-03-31 11:05:47 lol cute
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Random art
raven commission low res
   for a better version 
wot do u think ?
Me and my pen-friend Kate enjoying to making snowman in a happy winter day! ^^
My chibi of my manga character Kirin ^^
sailor jupitor!

HB pencil

so i had to draw hands fro my har teacher.... so i did sailor jupitor! her eyes are really close together... but whatever, thats the biggest flaw and its not THAT bad.
my character doin a lil sumtin
XD Tenyi. it's an unexisting characher i made up in Naruto. >.< I made it up in a RPG from a friend of mine. it supose to be some kid who lives with me >.< .. anyway, i hope you like it.
a character in my own manga..
a guy
in a field underneath butterflies do you dream of a beautiful change?
some more new stuff,
Lutenant raziel.
This took about 2 hours on photoshop cs ^^
its not finnish yet i gotta do the hair proporly
'Tis a picture of my charater A'Marie holding a patched heart. Yeah, I know her arms look weird, but hey, she's a chibi, she's 'sposta look weird and disporpotunal. There are quite of few mistakes in this, so dun look at it closely! TT__TT It'll look better once I figure out my illistrator program and re-do it there.
A bit of costume design.... (the pants....)  As always, comments are always greatly appreciated! ^^
This is one of my own characters created by me, i call him "Fedraw" i k'now weird but here i show a little bit of how i do the face so you can see the circle and some lines that i dont erase for that so you can see it, well i hope this can help the people who start now to draw thats all for now see ya later and take care
lined scetch. i know the head's a bit too big:P