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Did this for a friend at my job.
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KeiChan Did this for a friend at my job.
Wandering_Musician 2009-03-31 11:05:47 lol cute
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THUNDERCATS HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! This is a re-draw of an older image of mine ( that I've been working on on my breaks at work. That's why it's a but messy. :P
the discription in the drawing says:

Tell me we'll go here sometimes.

just the two of us.
it's MY character Geneviève. She's suicidal. ^^
I put in on here b4 but the quality sucked, well more than the quality now, I hope you like it. it's my version of that movie called when Hary met Sally (or meets)
Again the hand sucks. Anyone got any advice on how I can improve and hands and feet? Thanks.
A Sketch of Jin Kazama from the Tekken series.
Hello MWS, it's been a while, hasn't it? 
Anyway, this drawing probably isn't a big deal, but I love it anyway.
(There should be a self portrait category, since that's what this is.)
This is Magus, a character from one of the greatest rpg's of all time: Chrono Trigger.
poor guy -_-U ... even worst for him i went lazy while coloring it XD. NikA is taking a break from drawing XD
Some dude performing a chidori. Could this dude be Sasuke? Well, I suppose in his twenties cause he looks a bit older. And I changed his outfit. It's just a sketch I made in my sketchbook. So I scanned it and give it some colourboost. Not my most patient colouring, but I still like it somehow. I know his shoulders look strange, cause his clothes are waving because of the power of the chidori, that's why it may seem out of shape. Sorry for this small upload. Here's a bigger version>>>><<<<< O, and C&C are welcome, I dont mind them :P. All in all this is like 4 hours work in total, so no 'comeback'. Just something I wanted to upload :)
Psycho Billy's little bro Timmeh. He's so cute!! :O
this sketch was based on Inu-Yasha ... but i did some changes
Now this one took some work but it was worth all the time it took.