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Winter in Chicago. (It was the worst)
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KeiChan Winter in Chicago. (It was the worst)
Lilium 2009-03-25 08:17:33 very cute :)
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Random art
a little robot that I made hope u like it
i'm new to drawing manga but i willing
to take advice because i want to make
professional manga one day so please
help me
Gothic Lolita Manga girl
havent been drawing for a whlie so it isnt that good
>>MalAY gurl...(>.<)
Jounouchi (YGO) prtrait thing. Used his hairstyle from the first series manga, because he was 1000x cooler back then. D:
Another request art^^'
Here are some random sketches ^^ The Catgirl has good an evil on her shoulder. She is wondering if she is or is not going to eat the mouse...
pencil no jutsu
I was bored so i tried to make an pic of a girl not using any reference XD
Muru Kitty
Why are there so few options on the Topic? :S
Anyway, here is a pic from a little series which features eagles and strange ladies without a mouth...I'm finishing the 3d one at this moment. Hope you like it, since it's not really manga-only ^^'
The picture is dark. How nice.
Just a shadow reaper i designed out of boredom. Its the reaper king.
Prismacolor pencil crayons and markers on Strathmore Bristol.

One of the few drawings I think I captured a prominent attribute to my OC well. A bit of a nihilistic character... This was originally supposed to be a quick sketch. Fairly recent, 16.