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fanart of the online comic The Meek (
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Dustin C. fanart of the online comic The Meek (
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Random art
:P first post - new here - anyone care to show me around ^^;
evil lizard
Abarai Renji
this started out as a teenage girl but eventually turned into an elf.
A mage casting a spell wit hthe 'King of Serpents' card. The line art is pretty rough on this one because I rushed it >.>; I really like how the magic effects came out though.
Made it for my websitres layout =)
character design this guy likes to burn things with green fire yay
jump off a breedge... fly toa beech... when i catch a feesh... i putta inna freedge.
Royal Icing manga, now in print on and on online
=3 hi everyone =3. i am making this under request at gaia. There is something VERY WRONG i dont know what it is so any comments and criticism are welcome =/ i guess is her left arm but i dont know why it is so odd >_<. She is supouse to be inside a hollow tree with huge leaves and bleh bleh bleh fog it has a sort of middle east style etc etc etc ...
Naah don't know.. maybe she looks better when i color her up.
I got bored during art class (we had to draw a rock *sigh*) so , this is what came out , I had to draw something...^o^
I wanted to play with different lightsources when I came up ith this once. I realise it's not perfect, but it's a start :)
a little robot that I made hope u like it
A dragon that I drew for school and almost drives me crazy, becoz when I drew this I kept on mumbling " Dragon~~ Dragon~~~ " And scares all my roomates. They must be thinking that I am nuts ^_^;; (P.S inked by Staedler)