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fanart of the online comic The Meek (
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Dustin C. fanart of the online comic The Meek (
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Random art
Hey guys! What's up? This image isn't really manga, but I wanted to post it on here. Hopefully that won't get my account banned. :D This is a recent cover that I've created for Amarillo Design Bureau, for whom I've been working for a few years. This is being published on their next product. I hope you guys like it!
This is an illustration of Prince Han, Prince Nai's older brother.

Drawn by Josh Smith, Lead artist of PA Chronicles.

let me know what you think
I draw these a lot at school then when I have time at home I use them for ideas :)
It's hand magic?

Zydrate Robber
just a rough sketch
I really need to learn to colour..any good suggestion?
i've worked up the nerve to begin another project... i'm ready to pour my heart out now.

these are just some starting sketches~~
i actually just bought a scanner today*Î 
maybe i'll be able to upload a little more*^^*

I've been strongly influenced by Samura Hiroaki recently after reading his Ohikkoshi i‚¨‚ЂÁ‚±‚µj* he's reminded me why i put the pen down on the paper in the first place*
Royal Icing manga, pg 42, availabe online and in print on and
Another Request for someone from DA. Was also supposed to be chibi...meh
I decided to draw the background 1st but cant decide on a character lol.  im torn bewtween and angel or a shrine maiden at the moment but I am open to other suggestions.
mother and son for my mini comic...hopefully coming soon
I didnt use a reference, so that can explain any anatomical errors :)