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red in chiibi form again... i swear this character is like my poster child or something D:
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yurusanzo red in chiibi form again... i swear this character is like my poster child or something D:
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this is a sketch I maby work out , when I have extra time. I like it a little, the pose is nice
I dunno. 8D Just some BS sketch while trying to think of the most cliche possible death for dearest turkeyboy. Because he -needs- to die. :D Dunno why, but my style hiccuped in this picture, and it looks slightly like the style in old '80s anime. ... but anyway, don't bother critiquing it; it's just a 20-minute sketch.
i designed the clothes myself
and i know i have to work on drawing hands ^^
It't a "prototyp" a Pre-alfa version.... I think the chin is to pointy...
Hey you guys! How's it ging here! Long time no see. I spend a lot of time working (editing) But I'm still verry much alive ^^
owh well, I just finished my art. here it is.
Just just drew the first thing that came to mind .... I think it's safe to say that I have quite an odd mind XD
Its a girl drawing,really try'd to make a little work of this one.
wel....I finished's...creapy =S
Krad from DN Angel ©
My friend told me that my clothes need more detail, so I put lotsa details in this clothes. Whew~ too much details ^^; -- Done by 27 October 2002. Inked by Pilot G-tech. Color by Prisma Markers.
pippen again! lol he's so cute...also older pic
Page one of my old first chapter for my manga story. I am looking for an artist, too...
A fallen angel from a realm so cold.
A fallen angel who fought so bold
she fell to earth in a haste
And now another angel goes to waste.
(( i made the background like that to indicate a parralel void being opend so that why it's not symmetric))
Just a guy i sketched out. Scanner kinda messed it up but not really. I hope you ENJOY @_@