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Just a 10 minute sketch. Let me know what you think ^_^
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gatrosk Just a 10 minute sketch. Let me know what you think ^_^
Def Character 2009-02-26 16:56:03 Good going although a bit of a long neck. Like the clear colours
Wandering_Musician 2009-02-26 19:20:36 yeh long neck, "little foot!" sry..couldnt help myself there... I Like it though, love the Tri-Gun-esque coat.
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Random art
one again^^
I found the software for my scanner :D but haven't scanned anything yet, so until I do, here's a Typography piece from my Dig. Imaging class(picture is of me). spent 8-10 hours on it in PSCS2(wish I coulda used Illustrator)
Eva colouring work in progress.. I'd appreciate some C&C at this stage, before I do more of the picture. Oh yeah, that's me riding on the eva ^^ I couldn't resist..
So I colored a sketch and putzed around in Photoshop with filters like a moron. I kinda like it. ._. Hey, at least I didn't invert it and rape it with lens flares, right?
Finaly something nice!
The thumb has nothing to do with the pic ofcourse..
I already seen some defaults in this work,but i guess its oke enough to post!
A new Yakuza girl!:)
XD i know it's not anime/manga, but critics are welcome, i tried to paint chinese style
 \(@.@)/ , i called it: birdie that looks up XD
no. 18 already

edit: *ack*, forgot to mention that the story was written by Sander.
a little doodle i made.
you like?
A digital thing I did on my friend's tablet.
heres pg two tuh my manga
I did this as a concept drawing of the idea for the main character in the 4th MWS collab deal. Soo enjoy xD
i made this work because i got inspiration of bleach really. :P
Made this one before sleeping... I like this one... To bad his left arm and knee didnt work out the way i wanted... but other than that i think its nice

Comment ^^
This is a remake, I had some commends about the previous one... And i have changed some small details.
(I still did'nt do any shading...time 4 a thirt make over)