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colored it. Don't really like the clouds that much... might change that later. hope you all digs
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Uezurii colored it. Don't really like the clouds that much... might change that later. hope you all digs
gatrosk 2009-02-21 23:21:18 This is VERY well done! The coloring is excellent!
R0B3R7 2009-02-22 13:29:21 i agree =] nice one, uez
Def Character 2009-02-26 17:01:29 The clouds are a bit to blurry for your stile Uezurii 6^^
Wandering_Musician 2009-02-26 19:18:35 love the glasses!! too too cool. Nice color scheme, not what I expected at all from the sketch. this COMPLETELY alters the mood from before. LOVE
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Ribbons for Sasuke!
^^ done, sorry it's a little small, the pixels went nuts, so I'd no other option than to reduce it to this size :S
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this is my fan art of vannilla. i love to draw her hair! her hand is kinda funny though.
just an elf-faery! comment...
This is only my second drawing so its a bit better but still needs work please leave tips on how i can improve thank you
GAHHHH when i get myself a new computer i'm gonna install photoshop right away D: ! When i save a picture in my current program the colors fade away..awaaaayy! EVIL ..eeeeevil! Damned..

Anyway these are my orginal characters. The girl is Hikari Mai Kin..meaning something like err.. golden light. Well not exactly but thats what it means to me LOL. One of her main abilities is to create FIRE! Ahu.>.>

The guy next to her is Ren, her pet. Yes, only on the pic he's kinda evolved @w@;; hokay.
these mechas are my own design. if i did a series they would be in it.
i'm trying out to work with patterns ^^ i have manga studio since a while, the flowers on here kimono and the background are from that program itself ^^ its a bid small here... i dont rly understand the program with saving something yet xD
Pff.. after a long time a new drawing. Took me long to make something that I acutally wanted to share with you (^.^") 
A sketch of the new version of my character Mirai that I'm working on.
Took me 3 days. This is one of my cleanest paintjobs so far. Did this one for Gameholic at

b.t.w.: this is Sonic as imaged in his Dreamcast era :)

P.S.: forgive me for taking these blurry pictures, the light wouldnt co-op..

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Erm... I don't think this one is that pretty. But just see for yourself.
waking up to a stuffed animal unicorn:not pleasant... 

prismacolor markers.... 40mins
Hiya! Whew, I miss this site and the old members T_T Haven't done manga stuff in ages T_T hope you'll like this ^^