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Random silliness. Sesshoumaru from Inu Yasha getting kissed by LadySaturnyne

check out more of my art at
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Cybercat Random silliness. Sesshoumaru from Inu Yasha getting kissed by LadySaturnyne check out more of my art at
gatrosk 2009-02-21 18:29:28 Wow, this is great stuff!~
Wandering_Musician 2009-02-21 18:31:13 wow!! wonderful! lovely coloring! looks like a screen shot
Cybercat 2009-02-21 19:14:15 Thanks Gatrosk and Wandering Musician!
Uezurii 2009-02-21 21:51:17 yeah this looks really pro
Zeph 2009-02-22 13:27:41 very awesome. nice crisp lines and bold colors
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Random art
Oké I finished it now, more or less, still kept it rather simple, and the outlines are still there Def, sorry XD Anyway I will leave the older version on here too, so that you can compare, and hopefully it looks better now, hope you guys like it!
See the whole thing here >
Ok, I had to censor this picture for our younger viewers, sorry.
Im really into Goth, but i dond draw it that much....wonder why....
tried to make a "youth and death" kinda scary illustration. note, original size was A2, try scanning that!!!
finaly coloured at last ^-^" im very pleased with how it turned out ^-^ i decided to add a lil meaning to the picture :3 it ask's what do you feel ^-^ i hope you like it everyone :3 please please comment :3 thank you
I finished this one long time ago, I forgot i had to upload it
I made it look like an anime!
I even added the TVtokyo Logo for fun

wanna see the original sketch? look on my sketches section!
A little fanwork for my dear friend Lan-kun. These are here both characters Namy (the bis puppet) and Ikiru, the little angel. I love these two... they are soooo sweet *knuff*

It's an older artwork, I've done 2002.

Zydrate Robber
Bloodelf fanart from WoW
Quickie sketch of Maya from Tenjo Tenge :), hope you like it.
This is for my portfolio^^ Colour it with Neo Piko markers or Photoshop? And what the heck can I do with the background :S
this is my first drawing 
that I painted with psp 
so I could use some help^_^
hye again! just practicing, its not my character or anything but i read a tutorial by a pro.
Dustin C.