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he is unamused. lol
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fushicho he is unamused. lol
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Random art
here she is colored. man I still need to practice coloring XD
Ever since the earliest of human civilization, a war has been waged. A war between Better and Not-so-good. A war to decide the fate of the world. Today, we gather together, to see the end of this war. Baby and Spam star in: 
"Baby with a Chainsaw vs Spam"
'A film of epic proportion!' -Newyork Times. In the end, only one will come off as victor and be known as 'The OTHER Other White Meat'*dun dun DUNNNN* *Update*(Thank you Dustin C)
Happy Halloween
Miyuki- the blind girl.
A short one page that I drew for practice. Any constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated.
ok. don't flame me.. but this is the first i ever coloured with Open Canvas so it kinda looks like.. awfull .. and it's a boy if you can't see *blushes*.. there are a lot mistakes.
but oh well.
angel at rest
i saw this one pic on the internet and i wanted to draw it so i did
Fanart Negima, brushmarker practise ^^
pencil no jutsu
kewl! an underwater scene sketched in class. i hate the shark, his posterior end looks blobbish.. the downside of penwork.
Just something I've been wanting to do with my character Erei from Biology. I'm pleased with the end result of a night's work. Erei and Biology is © 2006 Tabitha "Tabikat" Vocque

p.s the pose was refernced from an art collection book because I wanted to make her have a shy pose, but i did alter a lot from the original.
a quick sketch of my avatar Mai Lan from gaiaonline ^-^
my latest take on archangel michael. archangel michael (c) emerson tung