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i guess it's kind of an angel...there's feathers lol but anyways done with watercolor pencils
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fushicho i guess it's kind of an angel...there's feathers lol but anyways done with watercolor pencils
pencil no jutsu 2009-02-18 06:08:02 well the`the coloring is good but the props are a lil off i think the shoulder is a lil to round and the line near the elbow is odd but agean i like the coloring ^_^
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Random art
Quick colour doodle in painter ^w^
trying to upload more artwork, but finding creativity severely lacking.  N E WAYS here is the latest I've done.  I'm trying to work more on dynamic type poses than the stuff I normally do.  Crits welcomed and appreciated, lata!
Some real old (and some not so old) character drawings from my manga 'Cave Canem' :3
its a photo cuz my scanner is dead :P whole thing cost me about 1 hour. plz comment..

btw. I know his left hand is weird ^ ^
more practice, crits are welcome...
I did this fairies wallpaper for a friend of mine, she's the drummer in her band and loves fairies so i gave her this :3
Manga Art
Tee hee hee this is a Avi art for gaia online too ^^. Its a art that i made for Pinky_chan's Gaiaonline account "Chrono_chan" i hope you like this sketch
[this skets was my 3th art with a tablet]
this is one of the few pages of my book~~ this is the only page i'll post here*
i'll post a more on the forum under "breathingishibashi"** i'll also have a
translation put up as well* (though the japanese is read traditionally, the pictures will be read left to right)
i hope there is no inconvience* i look forward to your opinions™
i look up to you guys sooooo guys love what you do, and you're actually good at it(><)i'm so envious~~
thank you guys so much for everything^^ i don't know where i would be artistically without you all*
this is a fanart of the movie *the Ring*
I draw these a lot at school then when I have time at home I use them for ideas :)
a woman warrior
just something I did when I finished my exams...
Guy with a Robot arm. This was a quick sketch which i inked. I think is arm is a little too long.. i might colour this sometime.