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Gothic Lolita Manga girl
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KeiChan Gothic Lolita Manga girl
R0B3R7 2009-02-16 22:55:35 nice b^^ this is by far the best piece you've posted. and welcome to MWS =]
Wandering_Musician 2009-02-16 23:34:34 very nice, wonderful coloring!
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Random art
my self portrait
page 4
Old stuff.
A picture I drew for a friend. I wanted to draw some sort of monster with an exoskeleton type skull lol so I did.
work in progress... its tough... something is wrong. cant figure out the left sleeve (her right).
this is my friend aysa... our president in our red cross youth council....

well, she were the mc in our school during a sports fest pageant.... and she looks like this when she had to lead the program. 

the best thing is that... whenever we went to their house.... we will always ask who had a debut or who had a birthday because the meal her mother usually present were really grandiose, as in there are so many foods in the table that we usually end up... full even till dinner...

but the real best thing was the ice cream
This is Ashley. I'm currently pianting it. Hopefully you'll see it.
Shot of Koruss from FirePath. He's such a twisted genius.
Konohamaru of the anime Naruto. You probarly all know the anime.
its been a long time since i draw something and upload it, hope you like it
Ally of Good versus General Death. (Cover of my incoming comic)
This is just an inked character i drew. Apologise if its blur (Sorry~!*). Didn't have a scanner at hand so i took a picture of it instead (hope its allowed=p). All comments & criticisms welcomed~!^_^V
Heh, more old work. Done while on my trip to Germany this past summer. I was super STOKED to find a white gel-pen xD
I was just bored one night...and doodled this...and it turned out great!