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major banana valentine contest a date
Kaiverta 2009-02-13 15:57:58 Oh wow, that's really interesting. And so different. O.o Kudos for originality!
Wandering_Musician 2009-02-14 00:05:15 love the color scheme, very original, very well done!
gatrosk 2009-02-14 13:56:51 Whoa, this is awesome! Well done fo sho!
Corda 2009-02-15 22:42:26 The top half of the girl is really cool, and I like the idea of wacky lampposts :)
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Random art
this is lalina my origi. character. she is the moon. i didn't finish yet.
It's my mate Meedy, with me as a fairy! I want that hat!
Thought about uploading some shit again. So here's an art I sketched 2 weeks ago and scanned today. Also digital coloured in PS CS. Its sort of a new style, although it looks like a STANDARD AIKUZA art XD. But I still like it someway. When I have more time, I'll fix a greater art, but for now, this is it. Hope you like it, cause I like you too!!!! CHOOK CHOOK!!
My character star... with some random guy, lol

btw, is it just me or does my eye mouthie icon thingie look rather bored?
Now for the humans, my shojou/supposedly shonen-ai for most, manga Biology, as an anime screenshot, which I still like. 

Erei, the redhead, is a girl dressed up as a guy in an all guys' academy, basically, being teased all her life made her believe it would be easier if she just became a guy, she ends up being the tutor to the Gangleader of the school Tenmu, whose a lot more than he lets on. Subject for tutoring: Biology! Thus, the caption.

Erei and Tenmu drawn and colored in flash, the BG was done in Photoshop CS.

Erei, Tenmu, Biology and all its characters is copyrighted 2005 Tabitha "TabiKat" Vocque
background practice. I was told to use different lines ... may be those ended up being too different ... note: i took it out from a picture so dont give me credits for the background idea >_<
Im uploading a lighter version of my photoshop coloured character RIN

this one i drew for my friendz prom dress... she really didnt like it.
A sister feels sleepy but the younger sis acommpany her. SWEET XD
B&W sketch oh photopaint of Vash the Stampede from Trigun, my fave anime :-)
I'll color it...later
also for another contest, drawing picture using one color. (other colors can supplement) I picked Prismacolor Blush Pink, at random. ^_^;