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major banana valentine contest a date
Kaiverta 2009-02-13 15:57:58 Oh wow, that's really interesting. And so different. O.o Kudos for originality!
Wandering_Musician 2009-02-14 00:05:15 love the color scheme, very original, very well done!
gatrosk 2009-02-14 13:56:51 Whoa, this is awesome! Well done fo sho!
Corda 2009-02-15 22:42:26 The top half of the girl is really cool, and I like the idea of wacky lampposts :)
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Random art
Just showing off the finished inks for a commision of Kayaron for his owner, Kossmoe. <br>Colors in Photoshop will be happening soon, and I will upload a sample here when finished. <br>I think I'm going to be paying MWS many more visits from now on. This place really is good online home ^_^.<br><i>~~Bee 5/15/2006</i>
Costume for The Fortress, a superhero character I made up. Comments and crits please. ^^
A very old comic from last year I decided to line and color. original:

I messed alot of stuff up in this one, but I got bored halfway and wanted to quit XD I get bored too fast I guess... Anyway enjoy, and this was just to see if I am able to color comic pages, although this one is rather simple.
I had a goal when I was coloring this, and that was using a whole other style then I used to. I made up to 3 patterns and used them in several ways in this piece ^_^

my magical call girl Aiko!
Its from a short story i made up,about a lonesome boy who gets a phone number from an oldman he helpt to a magical sexline^_^
Psycho Billy's little bro Timmeh. He's so cute!! :O
A couple of characters from my sci-fi story (they're married)
the work-in-progress sketch of my Jak and Samke picture -w-
Hope Chu Like It! =^_^=
valentine contest

a date
major banana
22nd February, 2007.
Very old pic in new style. This character is Van. In SD of course. From my old story about pirates. Van was a corsair and had one of four magic amulet ^^ I found old lineart in my file with pictures and sketches and I decided to color it. I very like Van ^^
Coloring and lineart (c) Serafina<br>
Van (c) Serafina
raven and starfire from"teen titans go" its a mre realism look... enjoy:D
penicl crayon and pen
Man it's been a very long time! I doubt someone remembers me anymore, i was known as SSS! Since i deleted my account then, so now i wanted to upload one of my older better works! My powerlevel has gone up since then as well, good to be back!