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A night elf from world of warcraft :) based on my night elf druid
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Lilium A night elf from world of warcraft :) based on my night elf druid
Wandering_Musician 2009-02-04 00:45:40 sweet!I love the glowing eyes!
fushicho 2009-02-06 12:06:28 ...EYEBROWS!! O.o they distract i love the leaf patterns around the eyes...very nice!
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whelp, this is a piccie I drew for cactuar_fever on gaia.  First time I've drawn a tuxedo in my life xD
my 2d entry i made at breakpoint 2007 .. dont think ill will win tho, because ive seen all the entrys and there some stuff in it thats just a few lvl higher of what i can make :P
simply coloured using adobe photoshop CS2
This is my first attempt at coloring, and at drawing someone sitting, oddly enough. >.< But so feel free to critique and such, especially if anyone has tips for coloring. I want to get better at that...XD
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this image create on zbrush2
hamid ghalijari

made for my friend, Shere, i hope she likes it
this is a older art...also made in 2006...but..i forgot to write the date so i dont remember when from 2006 i made it..srry!!!
Hope Chu Like It! =^_^=
this is my favorite side kick in my comics...
this was something i was doing in one of my classes; teacher told me to stop sleeping and do something constructive and i did this. defiantely not my BEST drawings, but this is something i wanted to try for the first time. so hope you like (my oc, hatsune)
B&W sketch oh photopaint of Vash the Stampede from Trigun, my fave anime :-)
SHROOMS! I havent drawn much lately