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a cute lil fairy
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kitsune a cute lil fairy
Lilium 2009-02-02 12:10:27 looks very good ^^ her breasts are a bit weird though but keep up the good work =) it's a pity the quality is so bad =( Did u make a photo of it? or didn't scanning go well?
kitsune 2009-02-02 16:48:10 Unfortunatly I dont have a scanner and I'm using a pretty poor quality camera to boot :(
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Random art
I was damn lucky to have Oni collaborate with me again on this one. This is the colored version of the geomancer Yuna I did a while back... and I was again, very impressed by Oni's coloring. So yeah, as you can see it also made it up to the whole banner thing too, which im really grateful for. Thank you both Firstborn and Oni! Good things :)
The Raging Spaniard
This is a character from my fantasy based story. He's half human and half dark elf. And the scar on his neck is from where his dark elf grandmother try to slit his throat.

(she's a he ._.)
niwa daisuke together with wiz. from DN Angel©
something i'am working on
Ozzy Rude, Mayor of Zan, Norhtern Enef.
i colored pikachu...just for fun. yeah, didn't take me very long except it was really the first time i experimented with the photoshop wand tool =P i just took the pic from an online coloring book thing. here's the link >>
haha chibi style. just practicing chibi expressions =P ...kawaii is such a cool word ^_^
IT'S UPDATED. the coloring gives it more depth. Alhtough if I was designing this character again, I got rid of the shortpants. -___-. I'll leave him like this.
Well, this here warcraft painting will be used as next months cover in, Im trying to do new things or mediums that i hadnt used in a long time so i did some watercolors, maybe i should have inked the edges but i kinda like the soft look the whole thing has (but i still need more control with the brush), anyways, please ignore the blonde guys face cause it turned out like ass :P
The Raging Spaniard
Part 3 of my Series Girls with Big... Reptiles!
I had ran out of reptiles,(or at least ones i could think of) Then i found my reptile book low and behold there it is! The backround is kinda crappy but otherwise.
strange enough the art work to this story is actully, well every form of genra there is.
This is Liza, an original character for some random story that's been floating around in my head!