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i finally outlined the picture =) yes, im taking my sweet ; sweet time with this one
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InuYasharox i finally outlined the picture =) yes, im taking my sweet ; sweet time with this one
pencil no jutsu 2009-02-01 08:45:05 lol you do that XD if you work to hard you will make mistakes so just chill ^_^ right?
xRebelliousxOnex 2009-02-02 12:57:31 looks great. I'm no good with poses myself but yours looks good
InuYasharox 2009-02-07 17:20:14 Lol nah im just lazy xD And ty guys =]
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Random art
aaaand, ladies and gentlemen, here it is, my first truely decent attempt at a good coloring job ;)  This was the first picture I made after I discovered the smudge tool (I'm afraid you're NOT going to see the piccie that led to its discovery...quite an ugly thing, that was >_>)  nehoo, tis a DnD character of mine named Eshana. She's the type of REALLY annoying person that can annoy you, while its near impossible ot annoy her : )  fun fun ...also my first attempt at an abstract background.  Actually, one of my first at any background at all xD
I was turned dollfie by a creepy witch who lives under my floorboards. D:
This is an old digital drawing that i wanted to put back on here for all the newer members. What do you think?
Dead Robot  >____<
A bit early for Halloween but had some free time on my hands.
Don't got much to say about it =/
my second upload :)
I made it 2 years ago @ 8th grade
just some random mecha sketches i did in photoshop ^^
this started out as a teenage girl but eventually turned into an elf.
Just a sketch :P (I suck)
I love white hair guys!!it's easy to color.
colored this on my spare time... im tring to draw more often but im finding more crap taking up my time :(
:P I like this one...First time I made something like this, what d'you think?
This is a very old drawing of mine. I colered it to make even better than the scetch version.