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this is my home-made manga.. but  it is read the way the comics is... please comment on this...thatnx!
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Blue-heart this is my home-made manga.. but it is read the way the comics is... please comment on this...thatnx!
Yaz 2009-01-23 00:34:07 I really like the first frame. The way the house and trees look. I like the style. Hmmm is there more?
Wandering_Musician 2009-01-23 15:08:11 yes I agree, the first frame looks like out of a children's illustrated book. I like it a lot! The dialogue seemed a little odd in the top corner, but maybe I am reading it wrong (its quite small anyways)
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Random art
Uhm, yeah.. No comment...
'nother oc online session, this time with Zaerook, aka phleex. He pretty much did everything but the samus, im still kinda slow in oc.
Colered Manga Art.
craptacular xD  I did this in about an hour, all in canvas.  There's actually a somewhat long complicated story behind this, but let's suffice it so say that a sunflower-rose hybrid bears some symbolism to me ^^  thus, I drew one, and here it is xD
i really love soi of fushigi yuugi...not only because og her costume that i want to try on...mostly..i love her character though she is one of the enemy or the antagonist in the story.... i was interested with her because of nakago being her she is really beautiful like me...hehehe
i made this art when i saw my cousin playing whit her toys.
Monster Hunter (Not Many people know about it) But I love it!:D
This took me several months...i had help from my's naruto,from the anime..
^^ I hope you like this one
these are my elementals the coloring is not finished yet ^^ but please comment my pic
After over 2 years of planning I actually sat myself down and drew it. The first page of my manga Seven Stars Of The Apocalypse. I'm very happy. Yes, the tree was a pain. Hopefully there's more to come.
There aren't any good color artworks of Garla (main chara of my manga Gott Gauss) and she is a little romanticist, thus I wanted to draw a christmas image with her.^^

Who does she buy all this gifts for? @_@

Outlines: black fineliner COPIC Multi Line' 0,05 mm
Medium: Copic Ciao, opaque white, white crayon
Paper type: satined Color Copy laserprint-paper (Neusiedler); 120g/m²
Size: A4 (21 x 29,7 cm)
Time: 4,5 h
decided to draw somethin a bit naughty for my 18th birthday~
its Gojyo and my origional Saiyuki character, Xaiyu.
its a kinda funny scene i suppose, where she finally trusts him enough to start having a little ~fun~ and then BAM someone walks in. XD ahahaaah..
a caged bird....get it?