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Two characters I'd like to integrate into a shoujo manga some day :)
These characters are my own ^-^
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Inevidence Two characters I'd like to integrate into a shoujo manga some day :) These characters are my own ^-^
AILEEN 2009-01-27 14:32:22 oh my, this fantastic. I like your dynamic ink strokes. i would love to read your manga someday.
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Random art
A friend of mine asked me if I could line and colour her picture, I thought it was good practice so I did :/ hope it looks ok ^^'
The original idea was to draw Evanjeline (she is a vampire and a puppet master) from Mahou sensei negima with a more “advanced ” puppet … BUT then I started doing some changes on  the original sketch of Evanjeline until I ended up with this one … now about the puppet behind “Evanjeline” …. It was inspired by some characters in a manga called Angel dust … … I know that it does not really look like a puppet … but who cares about that ?? … I knew I should have worked more on that one but i was bored to death ….
this is the first mech that i have done
This is my best pic. so far!
This is so Out-Season-Ed... deal with it
An old drawing of Chichiri from Fushigi Yugi. I'm not really into that manga anymore but I was a really big Chichiri fan when I drew this.
Another photoshop creation.
A vehicle ship I designed for one of my comics. Also ooolld!!!!!

it's sunday... nothing better to do so colored couple of pics from    mws members drawings. this one was by: yurusanzo, nice sketch.
allright! (again) heres the ken sketch i was talkin about..i think this is probably the best of the 4 i did, my next step is gonna be a real drawing based on the marvel vs capcom universe, so lets see what turns up
The Raging Spaniard
This is Shiro, a demon from a manga I just recently started drawing (still untitled). This is my first time posting art on the internet, so comments are greatly appreciated. ^_^
ive been trying diff. styles. but i alwayz love drawing clothes.