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just some char design to start me off.
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Obatatard just some char design to start me off.
R0B3R7 2009-01-18 17:20:53 nice =] boobs are too low and ear is rather large, but i guess that might be on purpose. i like your style =] in the future though, you might want to downsize your picture because this one is huge.
gatrosk 2009-01-18 18:40:00 Good call, this picture is massive! Anyways, I like your anatomical stylization, it looks great! :)
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Random art
I put this under line-art , not coloured , because I just used some fluo markers on I said , I want a cg-coloured line-art of my character..but that's just gonna be a dream forever...must improve now...
Another one for the homage thread, if you haven't already done so, go check it out
I was at the museum and had to wait for something. I was sitting in the gardens with my notebook and saw a butterfly ^^' this is the ending result to that ^^'
Bloodelf fanart from WoW
This is a sample page i made using characters from my story.  Pencil/pen/photoshop. And if you can't tell what the panel on the bottom left is, it's a tall structure (building), a sun or planet of some sort behind it, and darkness slowly engulfing the area caused by the chick on the right.
Hi there, well this was just some monster practice and just learned the word onida that´s demon whright?
Lol, this was just a random thought that came into my head... that I thought I might share with my fellow mangworkshopers..... ^_^
my 2d entry i made at breakpoint 2007 .. dont think ill will win tho, because ive seen all the entrys and there some stuff in it thats just a few lvl higher of what i can make :P
Sorry for the vague image...
It was a rather light sketch so you must look closely to see it good...
from my first manga Royal Icing, pg 22, also up on
So yea, after i finish the orginal drawing, the guildmates took the picture ink it, and colour it. Afterwards, we all work together to make the changes, add in the text and other things. the credit goes mostly to the guildmates that work together to get the final result.
Page 1 of my mini kakashi - iruka (Naruto) comic ^_^
The only thing to describe this drawing would be ---> O_O ???