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erm...a drawing of a girl?? can i post this here? >~<
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blahdee erm...a drawing of a girl?? can i post this here? >~<
gatrosk 2009-01-17 23:11:24 The lips are a bit low, but other than that great work. ^^
Jafed 2009-01-22 22:02:16 wow those r pretty eyes you draw very good
ish 2011-04-23 03:00:04 I wouldnt say the lips are too low, as much as id say the chin is too small(or rather the space between the bottom of the lip and bottom of the chin is too small. This drawing is really really good though, dont get me wrong
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Random art
Oooh, pretty. Well, i was trying to make a graphic art piece, but i ended up fully coloring it.
Dustin C.
Made this with paint ^^; taking a break from my books
been pretty long since my last i thought i'd just upload some of my sketches:P
this one's (obviously) inspired by UT.
ultraviolence uber alles,baby!
The reason I drew this is because while I've been playing Ragnarok Online, I've seen lot's of guys playing as girl characters. So I made this character who's named Scarf (the guy in the front). He plays as a girl Priest character and he fell in love with her. Since she isn't real, he decided to dress up as a girl so he could be more like her. He's wearing a Deviruchi hat, and even though regular Deviruchi hats are black this one is red because I didn't have any black pastels.

I drew it with a mechanical pencil, used pastels for coloring and then scanned it in and edited it some more on Photoshop. I'm not really sure what category this would fit into, so I put it into this one. >o<
I’m creating another set of greeting cards. This is the first birthday card I made in Illustrator. I hope people are going to like it
I'm still experimenting with open canvas and this came out. It looks a bit messy, sorry for that ^^;;
Another old art remasterd and edited to look better than it did before.

The angels guide the lost souls to their final resting ground
summer glau is cute................................................................
The picture is dark. How nice.
I made this art cuz i wanted a dress but i could never find it in i decid to draw it lol :D its looks Pretty Cool! ;)....*used pecils
I made this in 15 minutes so it's not that bad.... shadow of the colossus inspired!
Two characters I'd like to integrate into a shoujo manga some day :)
These characters are my own ^-^
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Mangaworkshop
hello mws! it was a long time ago! tihihihih :P look at me animation too!!

comments are appreciated!!!