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I had fun with this one, somewhat,
splatter brushes
he's a zombie, named Kelly :)
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kandy_pish I had fun with this one, somewhat, splatter brushes he's a zombie, named Kelly :)
R0B3R7 2009-01-17 11:24:49 i already commented via DA but i'll go again XP like i said, splatter seems out of place to me. anywho i think it would be a tad bit better if you're facial features were larger and your nose and mouth were moved up a bit as to give him a chin XP nice color pallete ^w^ really sets the mood
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Random art
Hi all !! haven't been updating here, soo, this is my latest sketch, my style has changed a bit, hope in a positive way, I did use reference for the pose.

any ideas for the coloring ?
It's crap and you know it ;)
Another one of my experimental pose sketches. And once again Harry Potter. From left to right the faces are: James, Lily and Sirius. I've made Sirius a bit fiminine, somehow I never manage to get him right :( I was going for emotion in this pic. Harry misses his loved-ones (If you read OotP you know why Sirius is with Harry's parents). The faces are memories/ghosts looking down on him.
chibi naruto (
i guess she's holding...a dragon egg? i
3 or 4 years old
the twelth page of princess nightmare
Pg 23 from chapt 10 of AOY
just some random sketching ^^
She haunts the corridors of the terminal wing at the hospital she died in.

She can't be in peace cause she is not done with her last missions on earth.

She remains n the hospital to appear to the gravely ill and comforts their last day's on earth.

((she remains vage cause she is a spirit^^ don on purpose))

I hope you like it!!

Emo's do rap !
no. IV
First one of a follow up.
^^ Did it on Photoshop! I'm getting better! yay!
X-Men Fanart. It's Rogue. Yes I plan on coloring it. Pretty happy with it considering I haven't done anime in a while
Dressing the Dark Ace as Sydney Losstarot for a Halloween contest... there are days when i just love what i do.  O;;O