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A superhero I came up with,
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gatrosk A superhero I came up with, "The Fortress". Umm, this is a sketchy version of his mask. ^^ Comments and crits please.
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Random art
quickly made . . i messed up with the gun . . . hope you like it
Been drawing in this style for a litte over a month. Having a lot of fun with eyes :)
part three
More Gatha, and Garrett just because. :3
I made this one for a tutorial, but her eyes freak me out a little... dunno why :/
"set" of notebook sketches of most of my characters. :/ Yeah.
Bruce Lee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"Twinkle twinkle little star..." Anyway, long overdue I present: a work in progress. As you can see I still have to do quite a bit (everything on the right) but I wanted to be sure about the lighting. Also, the star he's "holding". Kinda ran into a dead end there and I dun't know what else to do with it ||_|| So: suggestions? Errors? Mistakes? desperately needing critiques!
Oh man I haven't posted in FOREVER! :D I redesigned my characters a bit so they looked a little more realistic as far as hair color and clothing choices go. The bright and shiny anime stuff just doesn't fit with their setting. So here's Garrett.
Gah! I rushed this drawing... I feel bad... *cries* I'm planning to fix it though and make it better. (Yeah! ^^)
This is my friend's made up character named Ryu. We didn't have a visual of him, so I made a drawing of him with her permission. Yeah... I need to redraw it... :( The hair kind of reminds me of Daiskue's hair off of DN Angel.
If you do not recognize this character, you fail at Internet. He has been my favourite character since I got the game.
Kenji and Ayame from my series "Kaze."
Just dreaming of making my own manga someday...;)