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my origional Saiyuki character, Xaiyu Lynn
she's a halfbreed like Gojyo
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Xaiyu-Chan my origional Saiyuki character, Xaiyu Lynn she's a halfbreed like Gojyo
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Random art
Japanese schoolgirl .. . . . um. . . yeah that's it ha ha.
ugh...this picture is kinda old, but yea...i had problems with it.
This is my first drawing in photoshop..Like ever
my newest oekaki! Luffy in his Gear 2nd form! XD
Dustin C.
The only thing to describe this drawing would be ---> O_O ???
i also like this one. the same as the first one.
well,you know ho this y draw this one because i know they are a lot of fan of him...hehehethis one was the game and the i saw it in the gide and there was from were it started....and i make him more biger and tried to make it just like it was and kept it original....hehe...and yes it has no face i whanted you to think what he is feling... well what do you think??? o and thanks nilichan..
This is Bobby in Wonderland. Things have gone pretty sour since Alice left @_@
peace man!!
hey sup
Sorry people i had remove the other pic.... but aniway....

I made my self in anime^^ i hope its not Bad...
This is a good couple of years old now, it's page 4 of my comic Friction Burn. I got 8 pages done before my computer crashed on me back then. I think this is still one of the best panel layouts I've ever done and to this day I still love the flow of the page.
Hiei from Yu Yu Hakusho. Fanart xD I don't know what oekaki is, but if it means fanart, I'll put it under that topic next time.
Character for my first manga.
Name: Arayne Seru, Age: 20