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{Phoenix} Thanks for helping out today, Summer.
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Xaiyu-Chan {Phoenix} Thanks for helping out today, Summer. Xaiyu_Chan: "It was nothing..." she said with a small nod. she took her hands out of her pockets. "Merry Christmas, Nick." she was staring at the watch in her hands, her heart racing as she held it out to him.. Phoenix looks over, and smiles when he sees the watch. {Phoenix} Oh, what a surprise. I didn't see you leave for this... He laughs, picking it up and looking at it with a grin on his face. He likes it. "How swell. Grapes." {Phoenix} I suppose you don't have to spend a day with me to figure that one out, huh? He chuckles a bit. "Thanks, Summer." she gave a small chuckle and a nod. "I'm glad you like it..." she was ecstatic. she tucked some hair behind her ear and said quickly, "Y-yeah, so, goodnight, Merry Christmas..." she turned and went back to the room. @/////w/////@;;;;; Phoenix chuckles, and stands up, suddenly giving you a warm hug. {Phoenix} Merry Christmas, Summer. Good night. He playfully ruffled your hair a bit after he lets you go back to the bedroom.
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Random art
I want to color it but I'm not sure how to work the colors.
and here is another shot of kaiju

Zydrate Robber
An older one. The inking job was done really fast so it doesnt look as nice...but I like the expression and all. What should I improve on in my drawwings?
well this is my catboy J.J he is a boss and i love him XD
This is an old lay-out image for my site.
I love this one!! I was up all night yesterday 'cause I couldn't sleep, then I drew this one^^ C&C are very welcome :P
hey guys, long time no see. I have been working on a doujinshi I had planned years ago and I finally finished volume 1 :D here are a few random pages of the 48 paged doujin ^^
Jo. Thought Gnome. One of my characters with a story that the Internet will hopefully be able to see some day. D:
Nothing special, but for some reason I like this one. I don't have anything to say about it... Please comment.
mostly fire practice
I have finally drawn the StarCrash6 together! Dont ask what took so long... Anyway this took me ages to do, but sadly im very upset about the eyes. Overall though I really like it and hope you all do too ^_^ from left to right, Miyoko, Phase, Sapphire, Kiel, Kara, Tai