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Zeph 2008-12-12 15:34:42 i like that you are doing more complicated scenes; however you should watch the perspective of the background. looking great though.
R0B3R7 2008-12-12 21:13:52 i agree. looks like the problem could be efficiently (and not too shabby-lookingly) solved by maybe having him standing on some cliff or something. I really like this one ^_^ keep it up! welcome to MWS by the way.
Monkeigh 2009-11-13 07:04:43 He is standing on a cliff, but my scanner isn't big enough to get the whole.
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Random art
My first upload here (I think I joined years ago but I don't remember what happened then). This image is a couple years old, it was done for a friend, so the character isn't mine, it's his.
Made this one before sleeping... I like this one... To bad his left arm and knee didnt work out the way i wanted... but other than that i think its nice

Comment ^^
I haven't uploaded in a while, sorry! ^_^ This one's quite sad... I got the idea when I got rejected, but I didn't finish it back then. But today I decided to finish it and upload it. So here it is! ^_^
Long time no upload... enjoy! (All illustrator CS2)
Def Character
the boys are looking to someone hows giving mony to a wanderer

hamid ghalijari
you all know hayate. in the background is his party member "Gene-ex". he is an experimental weapon made by the americans, created to destroy everything in it's way. gene-ex doesn't have feelings, somehow he became friends with hayate ( long story ) and his sister fel in love with him. in this picture, Gene-ex shows his feelings for the first time, seeing his beloved getting killed. ( my own crit about this drawing is that Hayate's feet is wrong and Gene-ex's hand.
This is a Bunny killer! She doesn't kill bunny's but is a bunny(-lady) who kills ^^; I was inspired by Desty Nova with the bunny ears and this came out! Colored the line art with OpenCanvas.
Chii from Chobits. I designed the dress myself X3
Manga Art
Manga Art
Boredom doodle.
Had to resize 'em in photoshop 7, I bloody hate photoshop 7. D: 
Also hello, long, long time no post.

Zydrate Robber
He there everyone! I used to be a member here about 3 or 4 years ago, and I'm back (I had to get a new account, too.) 

Anyways, this is a picture I did for a roleplaying group I'm in.  This is my character, Vahn, a telepath with the ability to manipulate people in their dreams.  He works with a team of other "talents" for an organization called Sol.

Let me know what ya think!