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Xaiyu-Chan 2008-12-23 01:15:07 this looks pretty awesome :3 what are the runes/symbols/characters? do they mean anything in specific? I'd like ta know it looks cool >w< please feel free to comment/crritique any of my stuff as well if you have the time. thanks and good job~
Monkeigh 2009-11-13 07:09:26 Alot of the symbols are real there's a book called "Dictionary of Symbols" I have.
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Random art
As you may notice, this is a drawing dating from 2003 according to my lazyness not to draw anymore. Do not be fooled by the quality of the picture; its vague and not detailed because of the 100 KB limits. This is my last good drawing ever made (not counting the gold alien with the green ball idiot) and was intentionally to be Major Kusanagi (Ghost in the Shell) watching news or something. That didnt work out for me, so now its just a woman getting up in the morning watching tv. I drew the drawing, but my brother Aikuza edited some of it, and did the coloring.
WHO remembers yugioh??
I'm trying to work  on my skill with hands, when I draw my left hand the result is .. acceptable, but when I try to draw a couple of hands on my char the results are...crap ^^ Anyway I think I'm gonna work this guy out and make some good hands for him. The problem is I can't seem to draw hands that small ^^ any tips, for the char and the hands?? C&C PLZ :D
Finally someting done. I made this for an friend of mine, at least the lineart. YES it's suppose to be this BRIGHT and SHINEY because she's too cute for comfort. i guess that's what i think
requested by Jaundra (from SA)
ABC NEWS HOUR......................................................

soo.. a friend ask me to collor one of her drawings.
^^ soo.. I collerd this one too^^

Just look at her profil at :
this image create on zbrush2
hamid ghalijari
Work with my new markers.
Amelia Ellson 


Egyptian Mau 

Time: 4 hours
My own princess bride. And not THE princess bride, the movie, just an ordinary princess that is about to get pink!
My prince
one of my character designs i realy like this one
hope you like it c&c are welcome