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A couple of characters from my sci-fi story (they're married)
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Monkeigh A couple of characters from my sci-fi story (they're married)
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Random art
Playing with microsoft paint...
Rurian was a sunny day today (unlike yesterday=snow) I was in the mood to draw something happy...
OC. He just gets manlier and hairier every time I draw him...
an egg of some kind... =]
i was just kind of trying out coloring in Corel 3
...yes 3 D:
final page
my first attempt drawing for my anime
Doodlething. As quick and effortless as this is, it's STILL better than 99% of all Edge fanart on dA- no, the entire frackin' interweb. Which is SAD, 'cause this isn't too great. 8D As I said to Blad, all the ff4 fanarts that exist are a kabillion Rydias and Kain looking emo a lot. NOBODY CARES, NEEDS MOAR EDGE.
i love this pic, i poured what little talent i have into it, i wonder if anyone actually reads these paragraphs we have to type. lol
I have drawn this a few years ago I hope you like it.
yay bit old Ral fan-art i found :D i ussually dont do fanart but i like this one ^^
comment! :)
This started as a costume design inpired by the movie Beowulf (it takes place in a Middleage-like future with demons, anyone seen it?), but got a bit out of hand. The background is a bit crappy, but otherwise the pic was very 'naked'
woah look out! new page comin through! awesomeness, i think this may be one of my best pages yet. ^_^
Dustin C.
this is another really old drawing. cheerios =)

archangel gabriel (c) emerson tung
i extremly adore drawings and art and manga charachters and especially being creative and really hard working